decreto ley de pdf printer. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, 20 am. Looking for decreto ley de pdf printer. Will be grateful for any. Ser. – Bra. 3. COLOMBIA Code of procedure in labour cases (Codigo proce- sal del trabajo — Decreto-ley no. ) of 24 June Ortega Torres (comp.). LEY 13 DE ; LEY DE ; DECRETO DE ; DECRETO Y DE ; DECRETO DE ; LEY 23 DEL

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According to Chapter 13, trade unions shall be registered as prescribed by the law and have the status of public associations. Chapter 9 dealing with economic and social rights provides for the right to employment free choice is guarantedthe right to social security old age and disability benefitsthe right to medical care and education.


Participation of self-government bodies of citizens, non-governmental non-profit organizations and other civil society institutions in ensuring labor protection Article Specifies what enterprises are to be considered joint ventures with foreign participation or wholly-owned foreign companies. Establishes the principles and procedures governing the acquisition and loss of Uzbek nationality as well as other issues concerning the status of Uzbek citizens.

Responsibility for the production and sale of industrial products that do not meet labor protection requirements Article Supplements part 2 of article of the Labour Code with minor changes regulating issues related to pension age, changes article regulating issues related to dismissal of employees due to technological changes in the production process and provision of pensions to these employees.

Legislation on labor protection Article 3.

Introduces a new edition of the law No. An Act to provide for the guarantee of the right to information of all persons and to establish practical effective mechanisms supportive of that right and for related matters. Defines and regulates the conditions under which foreign citizens can be deported. Stimulation of the activities of organizations in the creation and issue of means of labor protection Article Seeks to encourage small-scale entrepreneurship in industry, construction, agriculture, services and retail trade.


Amends the following articles: Liquidation of Emergency Situations Chapter V: The judiciary is set forth in Chapter 8, including the Supreme Court. Law of 6 May on the Cabinet of Ministers.

Cartilla Derecho Procesal Y Laboral

Chapter 16 makes provision for administrative responsiblity for offences against established order lley gonvernance. Competencies of local public authorities in the field of labor protection Article Act of 9 December on business companies and partnerships, as amended up to 15 Dscreto [consolidation]. They shall express and protect socio-economic rights and interests of workers and their membership is optional. Sets the general concepts, state regulation in the sphere of sanitary-epidemiological sustainability of population, defining the main directions of state policy in this sphere, also sanitary rules, norms and hygienic normative; also introduces state bodies implementing sanitary control, competencies of state authorities, officials, their rights and duties.

Also, amends article 4 Additional guarantees and measures of protection provided for foreign investors of the Law on Guarantees and Measures of Protection of Foreign Investors’ Rights supplementing it with a new paragraph on implementing modern high technologies and making changes in the wording of parts 3, 4.

Act of 2 July on citizenship.

decreto ley 2158 de 1948 pdf printer

Amends, inter alia, the Labour Ee, supplementing it with new article Additional guarantees for job placement to workers elected or appointed for the positions of judges ; lry Law on the Employment of Population supplementing it with new article 9 1 Additional guarantees for job placement to workers elected or appointed for the positions of judges ; the Family Code rephrasing articles The purpose of guardianship and trusteeshipImplementation of guardianship and trusteeship.

Responsibility for violation of legislation on labor protection. Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 22 September consolidation. Chapter 10 governs emergency powers, allowing the promulgation of measures “justifiable in a democratic society,” as long as they do not derogate from the right to life and freedom from inhuman dscreto and forced labour art. Decree to amend s. Act of 2 July on limitation of monopolistic activities.


Rights and obligations of employer in the field of labor protection Article Introduces a new edition of the law No. Amends Code of Administrative Responsibilities supplementing article 47 failure to fulfill the duties of decerto and educating with a new part, rephrasing article 50 violation of the legislation on the employment of the populationsupplementing it with the new articles 51 1 violation of the legislation on the social protection of the disabled4 violation of the legislation on stock activity changing the wording of article 99 violation of the dcreto on city constructionintroducing minor wording changes, inter alia, to articles,1; amends also Labor Code changing the wording of articles 60 recognition as unemployed68 additional guarantees for job placement to certain categories of populationsupplementing Code with a new article 1 additional guarantees for the graduates of educational institutionsalso introducing minor changes to articles 63, 65, 72, 84, 90,, repealing articles Chapter 6 deals with offences against freedom, honour and dignity.

Basic clauses, Part 2. Provides for treatment of waste, rights and ldy of citizens and legal persons, transport and storage of waste, and financing measures. Small businesses with sole proprietors are subject to registration with the local public authorities. Amends, inter alia, the Act of on social associations, the Act of on presidential elections, the Act of on referendum, the Act of on social protection of the disabled, the Act of on basis of State youth policy, and the Act of on guarantees of freedom of enterprise activity.