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J Biol Chem Putative proteins from N.

The tree is drawn to scale, with branch lengths in the same units as those of the evolutionary distances used to infer the phylogenetic tree. Presence of two sucrose-phosphate synthases in Anabaena with remarkable differences compared with the plant enzymes. Sps — sucrosephosphate synthase, Spp — sucrosephosphate phosphatase, Sus — sucrose synthase.

Phosphonates, organic phosphorus compounds containing a C-P linkage, require a specific C-P lyase enzyme to break this stable bond.

Methods Mol Biol The words “believe,” “expect,” “intend,” “will,” and similar expressions are intended to identify forward looking statements. Reads were mapped to the genome using segemehl [] with default settings, resulting in 40, mapped reads.

Both compounds show a sporadic distribution in cyanobacteria and are predominantly detected in terrestrial and microbial mat communities []. A tandem array of 12 short repeats was found upstream of hetF nsp [81].


The genes for catalytic subunits of uptake hydrogenase, hupS nsp and hupL nsp and nsp, which become fused following heterocyst-specific recombinationare separated by an intergenic stretch that might form a hairpin as has been described for other cyanobacteria [72].

We believe that the asset portfolio held by Magellan is an excellent opportunity to combine One Stone’s capital with high potential, underdeveloped assets.

These findings correspond with the less stringent regulation of heterocyst formation by the nitrogen supply as reported for N.

As summarized in Table 1the N. Comparison of all predicted proteins of N. The nifD element of N. Total RNA of N. However, with 1, potentially unique coding sequences 1, gene clusters there are also a substantial number of proteins in N.


Buikema WJ, Haselkorn R Expression of the Anabaena hetR gene from a copper-regulated promoter leads to heterocyst differentiation under repressing conditions.

Many further well-characterized genes encoding protein factors involved in heterocyst formation reviewed in [3]such as NrrA, PatN and the signalling peptide PatS sequence here: American Society for Microbiology. Bead-bound cDNA was blunted and 3′ ligated to a Solexa adapter. This trehalose synthesis pathway often includes also TreS as enzyme gdr of hydrolyzing trehalose into glucose e.

The fact that photosynthesis- and translation-related gTSS are so dominant in the top group illustrates that photosynthetic energy metabolism and protein biosynthesis were highly active in the culture taken for RNA analysis.


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Possible carbon dioxide concentrating mechanism protein CcmK. Further bioinformatic evidence suggestive of the critical nature of phosphorus in the biology of N. As in the closely related Anabaena sp. Supporting Information Figure S1 Cluster analysis of proteins potentially involved in sucrose metabolism in cyanobacteria.

The cyanobactin gene cluster was identified using sequences from the patellamide gene cluster as a query in BLASTp searches. All positions containing gaps and missing data were eliminated from the dataset complete deletion option.

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The phycobilisome degradation protein NblA is another example from this set: Funding Statement The authors thank the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation for launching and supporting the Marine Microbiology initiative aiming at a substantial increase in the number of genome sequences of ecologically-relevant marine microorganisms and the EU-project MaCuMBA Marine Microorganisms: We consider One Stone’s investment, and the premium they are willing to pay to our current share.

Phylogenetic position of N. Nitrogenase and Hydrogenases in N. For information on non-ubiquitious sRNAs, see Table 3.