Home Amelie Nothomb Diccionario de Nombres Propios (Spanish Edition). Stock Image. Diccionario de Nombres Propios (Spanish Edition): Amelie Nothomb. “Diccionario de nombres propios”, Amélie Nothomb. Done. Comment. views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Taken on August 6, Some rights reserved. Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Otros: Amelie nothomb. diccionario de nombres propios. anagrama primera edicion.

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Nothomb not only knows how to turn a mundane story into something so much more, but she can also play with some of the best Authors in the Gothic genre. It made me give this book 3 stars instead of 5. La novela toca temas como el suicidio y la anorexia. Was macht unser Name mit uns? This is the story of a teenage girl who gets pregnant and then decides the baby’s father will not be a good father, so she kills him, goes to jail, has the baby in jail, gives her a horrible name Plechtrude and then kills herself.

At the finish ‘line’, she met Amelie Nothomb the author and she killed her as Amelie diccioonario and comparing the fate of her ds and hers. Refresh and try again. Nach ihrer Geburt bringt sich ihre Mutter um For example, as Plectrude enters ballet school, she is said to change from a normal child who laughed often into a sad girl.

I finished this in one subway round trip plus 5 minutes – a lovely little book! Please add page numbers. While in prison, Lucette gives birth to a daughter “To have an extraordinary life, Lucette believes, one must have an extraordinary name. And by the end of this tale, death is inevitable, but not at the hands of her own mother, but at the hands of the author herself.

En esta novela sucede algo similar.

Revoked the title as her mom, as a golden child, Clemence spilled out the dark truth about her true mother, Plectrude crushed. Oh, and I got it at the library, so I didn’t pay for it. Maybe it was the quality of the translation, but I doubt it. Destila cierto humor que la hace muy entretenida de leer.


Nineteen year old Lucette murders her husband, not because he was bad, but becuase he was mediocre. Pos despite these and other goodies, The Book left me hungry for a more extraordinary work, which Ms.

She pushed her limits as she weight as a feather and just like a feather without a wind blow, she fell. Apr 03, Lukasz Pruski rated it it was ok.

The Book of Proper Names

Nomnres simple storybook narrative style of this piece is somewhat misleading. Could be, and that would be a nice conclusion, but unfortunately the book is not a great novel. She is from a distinguished Belgian political family; she is notably the grand-niece of Charles-Ferdinand Nothomb, a Belgian foreign minister She has written a romanticized biography Robert des noms propres for the French female singer RoBERT in and during the period she wrote the lyrics for nine tracks of the same artist.

Raised by an indulgent and adoring aunt, she is a dreamy child who is discovered to have enormous gifts as a dancer. She oozes such beautiful, dark, twisted and elegant writing.


The snowman and corpse episode is recounted so vividly that I almost remember it from my own early life. If you want to be a ballerina you need to fly, in order to fly you need to be thin, to erase yourself for the normal existence, the existence of those who need food in order to survive. The other kids are somewhat afraid of her but do look up to her.

Who dies at the end and why is for you to find out. In a vaguely surreal story, an extraordinary little girl is born from strange circumstances – her mother murdered her father, gave birth in prison, and then hanged herself. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Nothing against short novels, but it seems that the brevity of this page text just didn’t allow for characters to fully develop.

She enters a dance school after she is unable to adapt to the normal children’s school. Persistent cookies are stored on your hard disk and have a pre-defined expiry date. If this brief synopsis sounds a little demented it’s because the story is indeed a rather demented fairy tale for grown-ups. Nor can one forget the magnificent metafictional twist that concludes the novel. There are snippets of feminist critique on motherhood, on ideals of beauty, etcthere are pointed comments on the process of learning and the limitations of the educational system, as well as lighthearted yet profound insights into anorexia.


And here that’s a shame, because the ballet school part was really good. In addition, her books are usually too short. Horrified by the pedestrian names her husband chooses for their unborn child Tanguy if it’s a boy, Joelle if it’s a girlLucette does the only honorable thing to save her baby from such an unexceptional destiny – she kills her spouse.

Yes, Plectrude decides to give her own son the unexceptional name Robert, which is a common word for dictionary in France. At age 13, she was in love with a new transferred boy named, Mathieu Saladin. Return to Book Page.

Be the first to ask a question about The Book of Proper Names. On top of it all, there is Amelie Nothomb toying with her rea The simple storybook narrative style of this piece is somewhat misleading.

Jul 17, Ellie rated it liked it. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information on privacy at Loot. Cover for Plectrude by Amelie Nothomb 3 11 Jan 10, When the police officer arrives and slowly but surely realizes that Lucette killed her husband because she disagreed with his preferred choice of a first name for their baby, I lost it completely.

Naturally Plectrude is bound to have a most singular destiny, enjoying childhood as if it were a kind of magic kingdom where she reigns supreme, staving off the ‘calamities of adolescence’ by concentrating on training as a ballet dancer in entirely puberty-free surroundings where extreme starvation diets, or failing that, drugs ensure that there is not a whiff of menstruation anywhere.

That could have been developed into a much more powerful novel, but then Nothomb has to go and ruin it with e I often find Nothomb a little bit too keen to shock.