The TARDIS brings the Doctor and Martha to Balmoral in Here they meet Captain Harry Carruthers – friend of the new king, Edward VII. Together they. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Terrance Dicks was born in East Ham, London, in After graduating from Cambridge, he began work in the advertising. DOCTOR WHO:REVENGE OF JUD(QK RD) [Terrance Dicks] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book.

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The Peacemakers are reptilian shapeshifters who wish to conquer Earth using Temporal Reversion devices, which they have hidden in all the major cities of Asia, Europe and Africa.

The Judoon require a plasma beacon inside the target to move a building as large as Balmoral Castle. They leave Earth as soon as the Doctor proves that their presence is illegal.

According to the Doctor, even the Time Lords never dabbled with Temporal Reversion Technology, since if it goes wrong it can warp the fabric of space and could destroy the universe.


The Doctor again uses the alias Doctor John Smith.

Doctor Who: Revenge of the Judoon : Terrance Dicks :

He carries an ancient penknife. She later borrows some denim overalls off Carruthers. She has steak and chips with Carruthers. She drinks jusoon water.

Revenge of the Judoon

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Doctor Who: Revenge of the Judoon

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