taiwan – delegasi halal majelis ulama indonesia (mui) diterima oleh . jakarta – draft rancangan undang-undang jaminan produk halal telah disetujui dalam rapat pleno badan legislatif dpr ri (26/9). selanjutnya draft ruu ini. PDF | Demand for halal status and well thayyib actually is an integral and inseparable. Thayyib quite slow considering the draft bill on halal . in the discussion of RUU by the government, .. Jaminan Halal Produk Peternakan; Implementasi Undang-Undang Peternakan dan Kesehatan Hewan NO The Plenum of Committee III DPD RI Discussed the Urgency of Halal Product are really waiting for the presence of Legal (Halal) Products Guarantee (JPH) Act .

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MUI itself are considered not valid in the issuing of halal certification because no government agency, although in the establishment of these institutions was facilitated by the government more precisely Soeharto. MUI take the initiative by issuing halal certification as a solution to muffle the issue while protecting the rights of Muslims. Secondly, the alcohol contained in many types of fruits and food, such as durian, or even rice; and thirdly, the alcohol which is made synthetically through an industrial processes and used to wash any tools and equipments, to be sterile and hygienic.

After the fall of Soeharto, drafr MUI as lost its mother, where the first institution was used for the benefit politically and made him have a big power.

At first, the ulamas forbid alcoholic beverages, which through a qiyash or analogous method, it is comparable with khamar which has been rruu explicitly. MUI remain at its founding to keep issuing halal certification. Chronology of the appearance of halal certification policy in Indonesia is a long and complicated process.

Full text not available from this repository. Beranda Advertise Contact Us. Responding to the suggestion of some members of the DPD RI that haram labeling is more effective, Abdul has a different view.

Lembaga Pengkajian Pangan Obat-obatan dan Kosmetika MUI

Bambang Prasetya also added, substance of halal is the realm of MUI for dealing with fiqh. Its contents were not jamihan operational either to be implemented through the government regulation. Therefore, the formulation of questions drawn is what interests behind the effort MUI maintain kosher certification? By using a qualitative study, researcher attempted to answer that question.


And hence, how the Fiqh is translated further into a system which can be implemented properly. Jauhari also convinced that the future existence drwft this Act will not cause any trouble because there is already a sophisticated technology.

This is due to the absence of clear legal product on the mention of the MUI as a legitimate institution in issuing halal certification. In fact, the result shows that alcohol itself can be grouped into three main categories. Halal affairs must be clear, namely lawful or unlawful.

And the synthetic alcohol can be used to wash industrial tools and equipments. Also inwhich had crippled national economy of Indonesia, and hence, MUI was asked to intervene and become the controllers. And hence, all alcohol is forbidden. So in other respects, halal certification has indirectly saved the existence of MUI both in scope and organization of the scholars who are members in it.

Halal certification which has been performed and issued by the Indonesian Council of Ulama is increasingly gaining appreciation worldwide. Af 22 Februari From the company also raised a significant restless and feel uneasy. Even so, he considered that its passage should be appreciated, because the presence of halal products is a basic human need, particularly for Muslim people as the majority of this country, which is guaranteed by the constitution.

However, these initiatives are not accompanied by a basic law that resulted in seizure of authority among government agencies. Lukmanul Hakim also added, uaminan history jamunan recorded that MUI had experienced different opinions several times with the government’s views. Lukmanul Hakim described again, they give the appreciation after looking at the performance of MUI which can combine the two aspects of science and Islamic shariah at the same time simultaneously, so that it becomes a halal assurance system which is proven scientifically and strengthened by the shariah propositions in the realm of Islamic texts, the Fiqhiyyah studies.

Since its initial publication, MUI many encounter problems, mainly concerning the authority and legitimacy. Problems facing increasingly diverse post-collapse of the New Order. For example, Lukmanul Hakim argued about alcohol, as the dominant content in beverages, the alcoholic drinks, which is prohibited explicitly by the Islamic texts of shariah propositions. Besides the support from the government and manufacturers that require halal certification to strengthen the economy.


Beranda Advertise Contact Us. Attitude is alleged that the MUI has particular interests in the presence of halal certification. In his speech, Rector of Unida, Dr. Among them was at the case of meningitis vaccines which were found to contain pork enzymes, while the government had already made a purchase for the vaccine. Through this categorization, the ulamas in the Fatwa Committee of MUI then determine that the alcohol in khamar, the beverage or alcoholic drink is distinctively forbidden, in accordance with the provisions of the shariah texts, ahlal the alcohol contained in fruits such as durian, and foods such as rice, are not forbidden to be consumed.

Halal Certification By MUI Gaining Increasing Appreciation Worldwide

This is what ultimately makes jaminna MUI has the legitimacy and authority, although on the one hand considered weak. It is not categorized as khamar which is defiling filth or dirty.

Government together with MUI should be determined to protect the people and should be carried out periodically.

Interests is not always associated with the material even though the tendency is still there. Therefore, we need cooperation halwl sectors to control it. P andProf.

Starting from Tri Sutrisno research which found that some outstanding products containing pig DNA and the discovery of the appalling hakal to disrupt economic activity. Combining Science and Islamic Shariah. In fact, when there are difference opinions, then, halal should not be interferred by the interests of politic, power and even the trade interests as well.

MUI itself has particular interests while maintaining their rights issuing halal certification. Latest Additions View items added to the repository in the past week.