Dua’a Al-Mashloolُِ َدي غ ٌ ا ِّٓ َد غ ٌ ا ِٗ اٌل ُِ ِـ ت اٌّشٍٛي صػاء DUAA AL- MASHLOOL (SUPPLICATION OF THE PARALYSED)This du-aa known as. there is any difference between Duas of Shia and Sunni like Dua e Mashkool etc ? is it same for every Muslim. Answer. We do not know Dua-e-Mashkool. Wilayat Mission features the English Translation of Dua Mashlool. from the work of Kaf-ami and from Muhaj al Da-wat by Sayyid ibn tawus.

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One day, disgusted, the father invoked curse upon him. O Hearer of all voices; O Thou earlier in time than all that have passed away; O Giver of life to every soul after death.

All your legitimate desires will be fulfilled. O Creator of light and darkness. All your legitimate desires will be fulfilled. O You that answers howsoever You are invoked. O You that did grant unto Khizr long life.

Surely, He is the All-forgiving, the All-compassionate. O You that gave glad tidings of the Birth of Yahya unto Zakaria.

There is no God but You. O You that begets not, nor is He begotten. O First; O Last. O my Means of defense in confronting hardships. O my Neighbour that are adjacent.

English Translation of Dua Mashlool

It drives away poverty and sickness. O Thou that didst lift up Isa and saved him from the clutches of the Jews. O You that destroyed the people of Lot. Here the Devotee should pray for the fulfillment of his valid desires.

O Lord of the Ancient House the Ka’ba. Dua’a Al-Mashlool Supplication of the paralysed. O Thou that accedeth to requests; O Thou that bringeth the dead to life.


O my Refuge at the time when the journey does tire me out.

O Giver of success in all requirements. O Cua that didst destroy the former tribe of Ad and then Thamud, so that no trade of them remained, and destroyed the people of Noah aforetime. So, do to me what is worthy of You, O All-generous! O He Who is worshipped and thankful! O Thou that saved Ismaeel from slaughter by substituting for him the Great Sacrifice.

Dua Al-Mashlool / The Supplication of the Paralytic Man

Sins are for given. O Enricher of the miserable poor. O You that did lift up Isa.

O Bestower of relief! O He Who gathers all scattered things! O Refuge of every outcast! Through Thee, Through Thee, Through Thee, Through Thee, Through Thee, Through Thee, Through Thee I beseech thee with the help of all the Names whereby Thou hast named Thyself, or which Thou hast sent down in any of Thy inspired Scriptures, or Which Thou hast inscribed in Thy knowledge of the unknown; and I beseech Thee in the name of the honored and exalted positions of Thy Throne, and in the name of the utmost extent of Thy Mercy as expressed in Thy Book the Quran and in mshlool name of that which “If all the trees on earth were to become pens and all the seven seas ink, the Words of Allah could not be fully written down.

O Wise; O Eternal. O Originator; O Most Loving: He was a habitual sinner, always teased his father, disobeyed him and treated him with contempt. O You that raises from the pitfalls.

O You more generous than the most generous; O You more munificent than the most munificent; O You most keen of hearing than the most keen of hearing; Ee You more keen of vision than the most perceiving; O Protecting neighbor of those that seek Your neighborhood. Through Imam Hussain as it is reported that one day he and his father, after performing Hajj, caught sight of a paralysed young man crying his eyes out in repentance.

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O He Who returned Joseph to Jacob! O Acceptor of repentance; O Ever-forgiving. O Creator of light and darkness!

English Translation of Dua Mashlool – Wilayat Mission

Unto Allah belong the beautiful names — so call ye Him by Them; And Thou hast said “Call unto Me and Mashlpol shall answer you; and Thou has said, “And when My servants ask something of Me, lo, I am near, and I grant the prayer of the supplicant when he asks anything of Me, so pray ye unto Me and believe in Me, that ye may be made perfect; And Thou has said, “O My servants who have wronged yourselves, despair not of the Mercy of Allah; verilly Allah forgiveth all the sins; verily He is the Forgiving, the Merciful.

Their references are www. This du-a’a known as “supplication of the youth stricken for his sin,” is quoted from the work of Kaf-ami and from Muhaj al Da-wat by Sayyid ibn Tawus. O You Who took Moses for an object of His words.

You that restores that which has been lost. O my God that are worshipped mashhlool virtue of positive knowledge.