Boatmurdered is the story of an infamous Dwarf Fortress succession game that originated on Something Awful. Highlights include elephantine. Perhaps the Let’s Play for Dwarf Fortress, Boatmurdered, was a Succession Game played in one-game-year turns by Something Awful members that quickly . What follows is a succession-style Let’s Play of the game Dwarf Fortress. In it, we chronicle the rise and fall of the epic. Dwarven fortress, Boatmurdered. (Actually.

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I hear you groaning, but dwarff quickly catch the hang of things. Get used to them. First, you would find a river, then a chasm, then magma.

The Let’s Play Archive

You begin with 7 dwarves and scarce few supplies at the face of a mountain. By the end of the thread the fort is in ruins, but everyone agrees that they’ve created the root of evil in the dwarven universe. These are siege engines.

What happens next is largely unknown, although it is known many an archaeologist will discover the ruins of Boatmurdered only never to return. Even more amazing when you realize it is all the product xwarf a single man gaming company.

The black spaces with symbols like these are areas of the mountain that have yet to be mined. Don’t pull the switch near the chasm. This is a pile of dead boatmudrered, an Elephant, and a cloud of Miasma. The cliff face bisects the picture, with the outdoors on the left and the cliff interior on the right: This is a pile of rocks which come from digging away the mountain.


Apparently, showing incredible coordination, a monarch butterfly flew into the door workings just before the time of the attack and jammed it open.

The entire saga can be read onlineor downloaded to read offline in PDF format. Others will have ground that displays as all periods. Your only objective is to survive the elements while building yourself as cool a fortress as you possibly can before you inevitably die.

While you can assign them specific duties and set basic orders, they have minds of their own and will act forttess to how they feel. I’ve included a general key to some common items, below; should you find yourself needing one.

The small 2’s that fill the room behind the two frotress are the bones of animals or dwarves. New to the game, need an explanation for Boatmurdered self. It makes your dwarves angry, which usually leads to hilarity. The concept is simple, the graphics are simple; but the depth of the game is fairly awesome. This symbol represents a cage for trapping creatures.

Sad thoughts caused by things of that nature dwarr lead dwarves to tantrums or even suicide. As time goes on, the increasingly liberal use of this device angers many of surrounding civilisations, including elves and even the friendly humans. They have likes, dislikes, and needs.

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Boatmurdered (Lets Play) – TV Tropes

The players provide excellent explanation of what is going on in each screenshot. There was also an animation of Boatmurdered being made by LavaLevel a couple of years ago. An obsidian axe wielded by the mad Sankis as he turned on his own men inside their fortress.

The two green asterisks are gems. Get Known if you don’t have an account. Probably underneath elephant remains, in the physical sense. I see someone sent the link. Essentially, Boatmurdered is a mysteriously abandoned colony in the mountains resettled by a small group of dwarves and their rulers. In hopes of making it an easy read for those unfamiliar, I’ve condensed the most important factors from the general info threads and wiki into this brief introduction.

This led to many attempts to solve the elephant problem with increasingly hostile solutions.

Dwarf Fortress – Boatmurdered

Then came the food shortages. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Dwarves have moods that are affected by the things around them. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.