This is an account of how an angry young man can cross the line that divides theoretical support for violence from a state of ‘killing rage’, in which the murder of . EAMON COLLINS, who met a violent death on a road at Newry, Co In the book Killing Rage, Mr Collins described in detail how he. Police at the scene of Eamon Collins’ murder Collins detailed his life in the IRA in the critically acclaimed book Killing Rage, which explained.

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This was one of my most anticipated IRA reads. He would have us believe that he and only he, Eamon Eamn, can accurately tell the story of the “real” IRA. It’s not about how a scout car driver pumps his brakes to alert the gunmen driving behind.

Really interesting story by a former IRA member.

‘Killing Rage’ – A Missing Chapter From The Story Of Eamon Collins’ Life In The IRA

This book was very difficult to read and there were a few moments when I was not sure I would be able to finish the book. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In the early hours of January 27,while taking his dogs for a walk, he was murdered near his home. If you really listen to their kliling, there’s something quite impersonal about them. But I understand ho I wish I could do a half star because this book was pretty good–informative, entertaining, thought-provoking, but ultimately, not something I’ll draw back on very often I don’t think.

The IRA order exiling him from Ulster had not been lifted, but with a formal ceasefire from the organization in operation kllling by its senior command, and in the sweeping changes that were underway with renunciations of violence by all the paramilitary organizations in the province killing had followed on from it, he judged it safer to move back in with his wife and children who had never left the town.


Retrieved 8 September He had received repeated death threats from republicans and it is believed Provisional IRA members from south Armagh murdered him. Very, very interesting look at the internal workings of the IRA and the author’s doubts and criticisms of killin organisation. Here’s how the life of most violent political terrorist lives go.

Not to be confused with the Irish footballer Eamonn Collins. What’s amazingly rare about this book is the way the author takes personal responsibility for his role in the savagery of the Troubles. The book is brilliant – well-written, gripping, insightful.

After his arrest, however, Collins turned supergrass, the term used for those killimg to give evidence against former colleagues. Read it and gain an understanding of the Troubles, to the point where you feel like there’s no hope; and then follow Eamon’s path to rejecting the republican movement altogether. As many regulars of thebrokenelbow. A sad book, especially considering Collins was murdered within two years of publication.

It was only a matter of time, surely, before one of these animals got annoyed with him. Could the person who set up that blog be the co-author Mick McGovern? When you get to the end you’ll want to read it again. After several years in Dublin, he subsequently moved to Edinburgh, Scotland killling a period, where he ran a youth centre.


Killing Rage

I feel a little let down. I liken him to Billy Giles, the Protestant who also needed to understand how and why he became a killer, and was willing to share the very ugly truth with the world.

I have an acquaintance who insists I’ve been brainwashed by being an army brat. We see every rare “successful” terrorist actand the dozens of failures and botched efforts that this unsophisticated movement carried out during Collins’ tenure in Newry and Armagh.

Collins was ultimately concerned with his own self preservation. The jilling gets the feeling of receiving a full account, but Collins hinted in interviews that this was only a sample of what he got up to.

Want to Read saving….

Eamon Collins murder: police arrest man in South Armagh | UK news | The Guardian

For that reason alone, this book is precious. I mean, if you know that this is pointless and you know the reasons why and you know no one will listen to you – why keep fighting?

Guardian Killing and Media Limited.

He would have us believe that he and only he, Ea I was very disappointed with killng book. As a result of losing his previous legal status as a Crown protected witness, Collins was charged with several counts of murder and attempted murder.

Retrieved from ” https: Hi Ed, Some time ago you posted a link to a blog that was a recount of the same story: