Earthworks [Brian W. Aldiss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In a future where the Earth has been savaged by overpopulation and. The future Earth of Brian Aldiss’s Earthworks is a moribund ecological disaster, ruined by poisons, greed, unsustainable development and. It’s a world whose natural resources are almost bankrupt; whose population expansion has reached the suffocating Point; whose technical development cannot.

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All the trees have been cut down and pylons are installed to create windbreaks. It was a suitably dark ending for such a dystopian story. You are commenting using your WordPress. Nolan himself is plagued with hallucinations due eartworks a childhood disease — and these lengthy visions take of a substantial chunk of the work. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Earthworks by Brian W. Aldiss

Notify me of new comments via email. SF often has high body counts, brisn rarely the bloody, knife-based murder that Aldiss often employs in SF narrative. I really find Aldiss a great idea man and I absolutely love this theme in science fiction.

What I do remember is the prescience of qldiss author in his views of the future of shipping. So, the book is very very very good until Knowle actually arrives in Africa. Books by Brian W.

Book Review: Earthworks, Brian W. Aldiss () | Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations

An intriguing but highly flawed work with a dubious final message… More Book Reviews Erthworks this: The Farmer rules from his barrack-like cities the Landsmen who till his toxin stricken fields as punishment for minor infractions. There is much here that is strange and slightly baroque.

Lo que nos cuenta. If you want to know the types of work I do please look at aliss About page here. Of course the sites of the decayed British empire would make for excellent scientific romance, but Aldiss seems to have spearheaded the idea which Ballard more famously ingrained in his work. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. An intriguing but highly flawed work with a dubious final message…. May 13, rafolas rated it liked it. Stellenweise durch die Wahnvorstellungen des Protagonisten etwas verworren, sonst aber ein recht solider dystopischer SF.


Jun 05, Olethros rated it liked it. The film is distributed by Juno Films who have kindly given us access brina […].

Aldisa to import images to Wikidata All stub articles. Main character is very shallow and unlikeable; imagination is clear but the book isn’t long enough to define the world; flashbacks are erratic at best and the love interest is poorly portrayed. However,the bottom one is appalling. Notify me of new posts via email. Views Read Edit View history.

People Versus Corporate Power. Of course Smithson is known for his earthworks, Spiral Jetty pre-eminently.

This site uses cookies. Scenes often verge on visceral — a disease which causes its victims to lurch about and shed skin like dying leaves, farmers wandering the land in protection suits, the Gas Room…. Retrieved from ” https: Photographing it with my Instamatic was like photographing a photograph.

Secondly, there are some gruesome murders.


In common with the Helliconia Trilogy and Hothouse I suppose that the environment is the most important character, although the only one never to say anything directly. Farmers have become the technocrats. I wonder who did it. When I asked Aldiss about this novel in a recent 3 hour interview I did with him, he obviously saw it as one of his inferior pieces, even though I quite liked it, in some ways see my wordpress blog for news soon of the radio broadcast of this interview in December, if you are interested By the way, I think your blog, and reviews, are excellent, and I always look forward to each new one — keep up the good work!


An extremely depressing book – all about pollution, overpopulation, disease and mania – but none the worse for it! I enjoyed this book, if you enjoy other Aldiss, you might like it too, but not for everyone. Apr 17, Marin rated it liked it. Noland is prone to fits in which he experiences vivid hallucinations.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Look at yourselves, Earth’s peoples, Earthworks! He wrote his first novel while working as a bookseller in Oxford.


The plot gets off to a good start with the strange situation of the protagonist being gradually revealed but the final climax is a bit weak. I reckon he was inspired by gulags and Nazi concentration camps which were still vivid memories in the decade book was written. Although I have bought some electronic stuff with really fat cardboard packaging earthwors takes forever to saw through with a earthworkks knife.

Open Preview See a Problem? In Aldiss, you get straight up, hand to hand murders. But yes, I look forward to your review! Email required Address never made public. I paid a penny for Earthworksand it is definitely worth it. Not sure who wrote the synopsis but it tainted my mindset from the start. I’ll be honest, although it had started off well and fairly intriguing, for the majority of the book there was a heavy sense of not really having a clue what was going on beyond occasional moments of relative lucidity.