UN/ECE R transposition. • Informal document to GRPE january • Need to update Regulation 49 for «Euro VI requirements». • Informal document . Download/Embed scientific diagram | ECE R49 mode cycle used for automotive from publication: Automotive test drive cycles for emission measurement and. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Feb 1, , Y. Xu and others published Comparison between ECE R49 and ESC test cycles for heavy-duty vehicle.

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Procedure for production conformity testing at manufacturer’s request. Different alternatives to modify the properties of commercial diesel fuel, from the fuel treatment viewpoint, as well as that of the incorporation or segregation of some of the streams from the pool at the Barrancabermeja Refinery r4 studied.

Nevertheless, this study must be complemented with evaluations of air quality in cities and technical. Parameters for defining an OBD-engine family The OBD-engine family shall be determined by basic design parameters that shall be common to engine systems within the family, in accordance with paragraph 6.


Electronic control unit ECU r9 required for in-service testing. As a general approximation, it is observed that from the reduction in PM emissions viewpoint, the FBP variable is that of greatest incidence. The engine approved as a technical unit shall bear, in addition to the approved mark: For dual-fuel engines, fuel consumption WHTC test in dual-fuel mode d: The manufacturer shall ensure that the provisions for in-use performance of an OBD engine family laid down in Annex 9A are followed.

For the engine analyzed, the addition of kerosene variation in density is not a determining parameter to improve emissions. Values measured during the type test shall also be shown.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Verification of the availability and conformity of the ECU information required for in-service testing. As d49 31 Decembertype approvals granted to this Regulation as amended by the 06 series of amendments, which do not comply with the requirements of paragraph Make and type of micro switch.


All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Would you like to keep them?

The results of PM emissions for whole diesel evaluated in Engine 2 0. Power absorbed by the auxiliaries needed for operating the engine shall not exceed that declared for the engine type approval in Part 1 of Annex 1; 6. The parent engine shall meet the requirements of this Regulation at both positions of the switch without any readjustment to the fuelling between the two tests at each position of the switch.

At high idle speed, the carbon monoxide content by volume of the exhaust gases shall not exceed 0,2 per cent vol. In all of the engines evaluated, except for Engine r9 due to its special characteristics, there is a tendency to obtain important ecf in PM emissions when FBP is lower.

Intake depression shall not exceed that e49 for the engine type approval in Part 1 of Annex 1; 6. Specifications concerning the emission of gaseous and particulate pollutants. For example, although the gas oil that comes from catalytic cracking has a ecw aromatic content than the direct atmospheric distillates, its density is higher and it has lower cetane numbers, which brings a joint effect that tends to increase the emission of black smoke, but has been difficult eec quantify individually Asaumi The approval mark shall be placed close to or on the data plate affixed by the manufacturer to the approved type.

Make and type of throttle housing. Requirements on universal fuel range type approval. Maximum temperature at reference point K. The following do not need to be approved according to this Regulation: Dimensions, shape and capacity of the particulate trap.

The parent engine of the family shall be selected in accordance with the requirements set out in paragraph 5. Manufacturer of the engine. On delivery to the customer the engine shall bear a label as specified in paragraph 4.


Effect of adding kerosene. Determined in accordance with the requirements of Regulation OBD engine family 1: Exhaust emissions type approval of a member of a family 4. Dce values of the pollutants given in paragraph 5.

Any Contracting Party may conduct and report its own surveillance testing, based on the in-service conformity testing procedure set out in Annex 8.

Engine test speeds r499 emissions test according to annex 4 9 or engine test speeds for emissions test in dual-fuel mode according to Annex 4 9 df Low speed n e49 … rpm High speed n hi … rpm Idle speed … rpm Preferred speed … rpm n 95h … rpm 5. In the case of positive-ignition engines, a declaration by the manufacturer of the minimum percentage of misfires out of a total number of firing events that either would result in emissions exceeding the limits set out in Annex 9A if that percentage of misfire had been present from the start of the emission test as set out in Annex 4 or could lead to an exhaust catalyst, t49 catalysts, overheating prior to causing irreversible damage.

Emissions data required at type approval for roadworthiness purposes – Measuring carbon monoxide emissions at idling speeds. It has been found that the basic parameters that contribute to PM emissions are fuel sulfur content and distillation ede.

In addition, manufacturers shall provide the Type Approval Authority with information on the operating strategy of any exhaust gas recirculation system EGRincluding its functioning at low ambient temperatures. CO 2 mass window: Diesel from the U.

For each sample the sum of the standardized deviations to the limit is calculated using the following formula:. METHOD Due to the great number of variables handled in this kind ecs test, the interrelation between the different physical.