These SDH units connect end user equipment to the i Competitive Intelligence Marconi Partner Confidential – Not for external disclosure ECI. ECI Telecom receives $3 Million Optical Equipment Order from the Finnish Defense Forces; ECI supplies SDH and optical solutions to the FDF. This is a legal agreement between you, the end user, and ECI Telecom Ltd. (“ECI information in an environment with SDH equipment from different.

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Bythey vied DCMEs as the company’s largest revenue generator, contributing 32 percent of sales. Enables provisioning of wide-ranging services: Based on this easy network structure in combination with a powerful Network Management System NMS and intelligent network functions, daily network configuration tasks and other service work can be performed fast and straightforward.

Smart Grid Software Solutions go. Peculiarities of xTXfamily equipment: Presence of the storehouse within the Moscow office allow to deliver certain equipment more quickly than used to be. Marketing and advertising department activity results: Launched inthis device increased the potential usage of long-distance analog lines by a factor of two. Communication Care Services go.

Individual approach to each customer. After course completion, everyone gets an official certificate permitting to operate certain equipment type. Other articles you might like: For while the products’ initial target clients were large carriers in developed countries–Deutsche Bundespost Telekom and British Telecom, for example–they found new life in emerging markets like China, the Philippines, and Brazil.

These strides are certainly commendable–and have not gone unnoticed by the investment community–but perhaps more importantly, ECI has begun to transform itself from a niche player in the telecommunications equipment industry to a “global integrated network manager.


ECI Telecom’s equipment supports traffic in more than networks in over countries, it proves that ECI participates literally in all international telephone calls. DAXT is a single platform optical and digital bandwidth management solution, which lays the foundation for data centric services, while maintaining current architectures. Office of the Russian company is situated in Moscow.

Cyber Security Products and Solutions go. Its products provide companies around the world with cost-effective solutions to the ongoing dilemma of ever-increasing demand for transmission capacity.

IP/Ethernet and SDH solutions

This allows the operation of older systems during a transition period. Companies established in Manufacturing companies of Israel Telecommunications equipment vendors Telecommunications companies of Israel Companies based in Petah Tikva.

The United Nations’ partition of Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states and the declaration of an independent Israel in spawned two trends relevant to the creation and development of ECI.

Unlike the DCME segment, however, ECI faced a great deal of competition in the access market, a factor that dampened profit margins in this division. ECI’s ability and inclination to target eqkipments and development funds to this sector and its eagerness to embrace international industry standards gave it other competitive advantages over its king-sized rivals. Search Search term s Search. SDH multiplexers provides audio and video transmission.

Digital telephone switches convert sounds into binary code for more efficient, equpments transmission and then translate them back into sounds at the receiving end. Russian Representation has highly professional, well-educated staff.

Marketing and advertising department constantly issues and publishes in mass media information on corporate news, innovative technological solutions, contracts being signed, completion of the equipment installation and commissioning etc. The digitization of telephone switching that began in the s foreshadowed a decline in demand for TASI but challenged telephone equipment manufacturers to develop complimentary devices.


However, these packet-based optical networks need to meet the specific communication eqquipments of the transmission network operators. There is a show-room, where one can see different types of the equipment. A project manager is assigned immediately after a customer and ECI Telecom sign a contract for equipment supply.

Throughout the years we have been the first to deploy commercially powerful new technologies, giving equipmentts customers a competitive edge. Since that time, ECI has undergone a number of mergers and acquisitions, most recently an acquisition in by the Swarth Group and the Ashmore Group, private equity firms, making ECI a private company once again.

ECI Telecom

That is why communication services carriers get the possibility to quickly respond to their customers’ needs and receive more profits. Depending on customer needs, the scope of the ECI’s responsibility for a network can range from serving as an equipment supplier only to comprehensive planning, supply, implementation and support as well.

ECI’s digital circuit multiplication equipment “DCME” products increase the efficiency of long-distance telecommunications links via satellite, undersea fiber optic equpiments, microwave and coaxial cable.

Sold by ECI under the trade name DIGILOOP, the resulting “pair gain” devices capacitated the existing copper pairs of wires to emulate digital lines and therefore carry two voice telephone calls on one line. With more than 12 years of experience in optical networking worldwide, ECI Telecom offers advanced optical platforms that combine instant provisioning with on-demand network scalability.

The most important requests are: