Sentimental Education (French: L’Éducation sentimentale, ) is a novel by Gustave Flaubert. Considered one of the most influential novels of the 19th. Educazione Sentimentale Flaubert. 4 likes. Book. Educazione Sentimentale Flaubert. Book. 4 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for. L’educazione sentimentale by Gustave Flaubert PDF Download.

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L’educazione sentimentale

View all 12 comments. Beautifully written it may be, but I love it not. Flaubert reaches with skill for the right word, and his talent shows right through to the English translation.

What he can’t help think about is how both women would seem to offer a splendid future, materially-wise, as both come with fortunes attached — until it turns out that Mme Dambreuse’s expected fortune isn’t nearly as great as anticipated. This is a tremendous book. The story, beginning in Paris inis told through the mind sentiimentale feelings of Frederic Moreau, a young man dissatisfied with the life expected of him by his middle class environment.

I thought it would be a romantic wasting away type of a thing but instead I got a 19th century womanizer and a lot of politics. Very irritating and depressing for the reader.

View all 5 comments. He would waste his money, would let go off of opportunities to progress in life and would lose friends only to be around her despite knowing that it wasn’t fated to go anywhere. The absolute exactitude with which he adapts his expression to his purpose sentimengale seen in all parts of his work, but particularly in the portraits he draws of the figures in his principal romances. He doesn’t always make it clear who’s speaking and by calling people by their titles he also makes me confused.


That he was one of the greatest writers who ever lived in France is now commonly admitted, and his greatness principally depends upon the extraordinary vigour and exactitude of his style. None of the characters, including the protagonist, Frederic Moreau, is likeable. Because they know what men loves,and are giving to edducazione as much you give yourself to her.

Flaubert uses the same quasi-omniscient narrator perspective with several of the minor characters, although he is somewhat inconsistent in so doing.

Where Bovary often teeters on the edge of chick lit, this is definitely one for the boys. At the same time, his old friend Deslauriers comes to Paris.

L’educazione sentimentale by Gustave Flaubert (2 star ratings)

That a novel should have a certain charm seems to us the most rudimentary of principles, and there is no more charm in this laborious monument to a treacherous ideal than there is interest in a heap of gravel.

Sentimental Education is not exactly an enjoyable read, but it is an oddly fascinating one. Gorgeous repeats, but repeats in content none the less. A lot of his descriptions of Madame Arnoux are repeats. I think I would raise the rating I’ve given this novel to a 5 if the novel were about the two of them alone.

Because of that ,I would rather choose a hot 34 year old Woman than the teenage girl with the age of Probably he does not intend to do so.

I think it is what makes this novel truly genuis. It sums him up quite well already: If only I’d had a woman to love me, I might have achieved something. While almost all other French books of his time deal with the same ideas, he changed the perspective of the reader when his initial argument was the crisis of a man in his early twenties; lost, uncertain, and with confused sentiments that leave the reader as perplexed as Fredr The book was not entirely new, but wasn’t the traditional french book you would normally read.


And maybe this is what our rducazione end up being when it is all said and done, but I can’t help but find my taste in fiction not that of realism genre. Constant m Well, the book was. The plot drifts, admitting of no suspense, building up to no climax. Despite edcuazione, his introduction to Dambreuse is not very successful.

They went to see it once a week. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This did not prevent his simulating the most passionate ardour; but in order to feel it, he had to call up the image of Rosanette or Mme Arnoux.

Sentimental Education – Gustave Flaubert

The characters are completely self-absorbed and unlikeable. At home, he meets Louise, the daughter of his neighbour M. At the time of his death he was famous as a realist, pure and simple.

Return to Book Page. The novel starts out with Frederic travelling on a paddle steamer to visit with his mother.