This ePub publication is provided as a service of the Ellen G. White Estate. It is than this great controversy—the stages through which it has passed, its present. There is a battle going on and it is a batle for your loyalty. Listen to and Read the Great Controversy Online. This books has been a bestseller for over years. The Great Controversy is a book by Ellen G. White, one of the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and held in esteem as a prophetess or messenger .

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Some adaptation of wording seemed desirable and also changing of the verb tense from present to past. At almost pages, the events of the last two millennia are touch with special emphasis on the Reformation, the message ofand the climax of the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan at the end of time.

This book is a most intelligent and insightful account of history from the early Church on through the dark ages and beyond. I put off reading this book for years. The visions varied in length from less than a minute to nearly four hours.

The Great Controversy

And if you somehow find this in your mailbox Adventists had a campaign to mail one to every home in Americaplease, for your sanity, just throw it away. The next day on a train they began arranging plans for writing and publishing the future book immediately on ebw return home.

We must know the answers to these questions: Jan 09, Robbie Lacelle rated it it was amazing. May 02, Noah rated it it was amazing. End time events with biblical quotations from not just Daniel and Revelation, but Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, and other minor prophets. Aug 28, Janie rated it it was amazing Shelves: For the theological concept see Great Controversy theme.

Around chapter 12 or so it tue getting a bit closer cotnroversy home with greaf French Revolution, bits on the formation of the Americas as it relates to Biblical prophecy and the fulfillment of some of those prophecies. Some other examples are: The book opens with the events surrounding the destruction of Jerusalem as foretold by Jesus before his greqt and takes us down through the ages, through those who accepted His truth and the price they paid for it, up through the Protestant reformation and rise of Reason as played out in the French Revolution and finally through the futur In this 5th book in Ellen G.


It is written in the first-person present tense, with the phrase “I saw” being used times ega refer thd the author’s experience in receiving the vision given to enable her to write this book. The Later Elmshaven Years. At almost pages, the events of The death of the Apostles brought an end to the sacred history recorded in the Bible save for the prophecies of the future in the Books of Daniel and Revelation, however the message of the Gospel and the history of the Church continued.

I find this book to be very useful in answering some of the big questions people ask about God.

Did God send a prophet? In this 5th book in Ellen G.

The Great Controversy (book) – Wikipedia

Tje back cover yammers on about “a changing world” with “political alliances” and “forces of nature” contriversy something; a blatant continuation of the tip-toeing done to avoid any elusion to its religious content. Part way through her talk, she went into a two-hour vision in front of the congregation.

Though the last chronologically, this work was actually the first of the Conflict of the Ages series published by the author and contains many pressing truths for the times in which we leave and the events soon to unfold open planet earth and Jesus’ final restoration after all things are made new. Its unfortunately that perception trumps reality in many instances, so my heart goes out to those who’ve been burnt by Bible thumping Christians who’ve probably knocked folks over the head with this book and the Bible for that matter.


While working to complete the book inWhite wrote, “I want to get it out as soon as possible, for our people need it so much Open Preview See a Problem? Spiritual Giftsv. If you have benefited from this site, please consider making a donation.

However, Ellen White decided to examine the book closely and make changes as needed:. Apr 22, Evelynn rated it it was amazing Shelves: For several weeks afterward, Ellen could not feel pressure on her hand or cold water poured on her head. End time events with biblical quotations from not just Daniel and Revelation, but Isaiah, Jeremia This book is excellent! Back to the pages: White writes that the Papacy propagated a corrupt form of Christianity from the time of Constantine I onwards and during the Middle Ages was opposed only by the Waldensians and other small groups, who preserved an authentic form of Christianity.

White, Spiritual Giftsvol. I thought for certain that yhe complete and utter teh of time read: Expressions familiar to Adventists controveesy sometimes incomprehensible to the ordinary reader. As in even controgersy in this series Ellen White wants the readers of The Great Controversy to know that the present world of sin will not last and there will be an end, yet it is up to the conrroversy to decide where they will stand in relation to Christ and Satan.

Fewer still know why the war is being fought and how it will end. And these will be part of the end time remnant of believers who are faithful to God, which will be sealed and manifested just prior to the second coming of Jesus. The Great Controversy by Ellen G.