On December 2, the remarkable earthly life of one of the most outstanding Orthodox spiritual elders of the 20th century: Elder Cleopa of Romania ended. Prologue from The Truth of Our Faith:: A Discourse from Holy Scripture on the. Teachings of True Christianity, By Elder Cleopa of Romania. The name and. Photo of Elder Cleopas “In any stage you may be do not get discouraged, pray even if you feel compulsion and the Lord will visit you with His.

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And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. All comments will be read by the editors of OrthoChristian.

Cleopa (Ilie)

So you see that when the holy Evangelist had the opportunity, he taught his disciples more by the living voice of Tradition than cleipa his elde to them. Good dreams come from the angels and remind us of death and punishment and after we wake up, they drive us to prayer and repentance. The performance of good deeds for bad purposes is sinful and vain. Together with his elder brother, Vasile, Ilie joined the community at Sihastria hermitage in December Such witchcraft is common especially among ill-meaning, the old, as well as Gypsy women, and is aimed at deceiving those who have a weak mind.

From where did the two Apostles—Jude and Paul—take these words?

You have brought an excerpt here from Holy Scripture that refers to the tradition of human teachings and pseudo philosophy that has no relationship whatsoever to the evangelical and Apostolic Tradition of the Church of Jesus Christ.


Therefore, the order by which the Church upholds the unwritten is as follows: Because even devils themselves, despite naming the name of God, are still devils. Posted by John Sanidopoulos at True Orthodox Ghost Story 1: It must be preserved accordingly, because its importance and benefit springs from the relationship that exists between it and Holy Scripture.

For you will not find them anywhere in Holy Scripture. This chapter, organized as a dialogue, is a helpful aide in apologetics, and explains the significance of Tradition in the Orthodox Church. What your friends have told you is not at all true, since the law of God is not contained in Holy Scripture alone. The Church lived the truth of the Gospel even before anything was committed to writing, having lived by Holy Tradition from the outset. Gerasimos in the Skete of St. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Gregory Palamas continuesto live to this day within the Orthodox Church, we offer the following accountof a spiritual instruction offered by an outstanding contemporary hesychast, Elder Cleopa Ilie of Sihastria Monastery in Romania. If a Romanian from the time of the Elder Mirtsea or Stephan the Great were resurrected today and you wanted to speak with him, you would only with difficulty understand him, because the language has developed into something that is not exactly what was spoken then.

And if the sightings come true, we wonder at them and take pride in that, as if we had the gift of foreseeing prophecy. The Holy Apostle Jude says in his catholic epistle, including in verse nine: And again the renowned Apostle Paul, guiding the priests of Ephesus, says: Basil the Great lays down the most severe punishments for wizards. Holy Tradition is the life of the Church in the Holy Spirit ; and, in concord with the enduring life of the Church, it is a wellspring of Holy Revelation, and thus it possesses the same authority as Holy Scripture.


Elder Cleopa of RomaniaParanormal and the Occult. Which is why the Holy Fathers urge us to run only to Cleopx, only to the Church and to the Priests, and not to the devils and their servants.

Ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition. Petronius added in Greek: Having many things to write unto you, I would not write with paper and ink: One chapter in his book, The Truth of Our Faith, is dedicated to the defense of the Orthodox teaching on Holy Scripture against criticism by Protestants. Likewise, it guides us to confess our sins, to receive Communion, to be sacramentally wed; but nowhere does it specify the rite enabling us to fulfill these mysterion sacraments.

All sorts of misfortunes and dangers befall those guilty of such sin, those who resort to charmers.

On Holy Tradition /

Still, I question the possibility of preserving Holy Tradition to this day elderr and genuine in all respects, as it was in the beginning. The Holy Fathers say that such a person wants to chew through a bone with baby teeth.

The current patriarch, Danielwas one of his disciples along with other current bishops. Entrail readers ; ventriloquist fortune-tellers, as well as the ones practicing entrail reading or render livestock unproductive — a kind of witchcraft which is still practiced in our times.