Yukarıda belirtilen nitelikleriyle “ENGLISH THROUGH READING”,. -YDS Tüm Yayın Hakları ELS Yayıncılık LTD. ŞTİ. ELS-YDS Dergisi Aboneleri İçin. Index of /kitaplar/Kategorik Liste/Y D S Hazırlık/YDS Hazırlık Dergileri Ä° ngilizce CD8 (ELS Yayıncılık). Parent Directory · ELS 16 01 Türgök. Index of /kitaplar/Kategorik Liste/Y D S Hazırlık/YDS Hazırlık Dergileri Ä° ngilizce CD2 (ELS Yayıncılık). Parent Directory · ELS4 A 3.

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Herkes ELS yayýnlarýný orijinalinden çalýþabilsin diye, Bu sene böyle – PDF

Indefinite pronouns something, nobody, etc. III This is because she grew up in Tunisia, which was at that time still under the influence of its former French colonization. The map in this book is clearly wrong. D Even though there are many vitamins and minerals in organic bread, it has low volume and goes stale quickly.

E How hard was it for you to complete level 3? C Let me take you to the doctor to find out what is wrong with you. The view of the cosmos in Dante’s masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, is said to have been taken from Farghani, a 9th-century astronomer. B Dys bread contains essential vitamins and minerals, though it has some disadvantages, such as lower volume and going stale quickly.

A the last outbreak of insect pests occurred in the s B there may well be a much smaller number of large old trees in the future C the data that was taken before the s has all been lost D measurements have been taken to make a forecast dergilrri climate change E the smaller trees are also being killed by climate change The Oslo Opera House was finished ahead of schedule, and under its budget.


He feels it is a bad sign for other US forests.

Let s make learning English fun! Cosette, and soon she fees the same way This system is ony going to ast 27though. E Supposing we eave at dawn, when do you think we be there?


How do you go to school? Present continous tense This tense is mainly used for talking about what is happening now.

E You could have warned me that you’d only just painted it. A takes off B comes on C breaks down D brings out E gives in I ve bought a ticket for the ydd. I hope our neighbours keep the voume down so I can watch the match propery.

Dosyayı İndir – els yds kpds üds ingilizce hazırlık dergisi

The taxi fee may be. D It is surprising that the tennis court is free this morning, isn’t it?

D I thought your birthday was next week. Engand is currenty going through a serious water shortage the seasons are quite variabe in temperature, though C certain areas experience fooding quite often D the highest temperature ever recorded in Engand is Robinson,available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

The most famous and free app which works very well with dergikeri android. Open a schoo geography book. This eads her into a deady strugge with aron Scarpia, the chief of poice.


It is cear from the passage that woves are afraid of A as soon as the Hittites took control of most of Anatolia B unless the Roman Empire had brought it to an end C just as the kingdoms in the upper and lower parts of the country were uniting D before it began to carry out an expansionist policy in the Near East E once the archaeologists dug up some spectacular ruins B Will the rest of the staff members be going with Dr.

A This explains why he preferred native Russian words to foreign adoptions B Under the pen name of Kazak Lugansky, he also wrote several essays in the manner of Nikolai Gogol C This interest caused him to spend time in rural areas observing the culture of rural people D Yet he is best known for his creation of a Russian dictionary that eventually came to four volumes E He started travelling on foot through the nation’s countryside and collected the fairy tales of the people S L E C The more scandals the government gets involved in, the greater the chance of its collapse.

TEST – 1 6.