Embarking on the. Journey to Contributorship. UNIT 6: From “Victim” to “Creator of my own Destiny” by for students and faculty of. Gujarat Technological. Feb 24, Slide 1 EMBARKING ON THE JOURNEY TO CONTRIBUTORSHIP PROJECT GOAL To study about how people (contributor) embarking on the. Embarking on the. Journey to Contributorship. UNIT 6: From “Victim” to “Creator of my own Destiny”. Swami Vivekananda. Contributor Personality Program. An.

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SO here we can Conclude that these people to gain thetitle of Contributorhad to go off books or syllabous. Where does power to contribute come from? Willing to fail and grow beyond the known. The Road Less Chosen: The Road Less Chosen: Collect Leads new Upload Login. Embarking on the productivity journey – rcpsc. Prabhu Kastoorirajan is anactor.

Now from his Hard work andambitions he has becomethe Space Scientist and alsoserve India as ex-President But Aditi continued to worry over it for days…. After giving birth to Childshe didnt give up hertennis carrier. Journeys -Today starts an epic adventure in mrs. This commitment manifest itself as a gigantic will to contribute.


His screen name isDhanush. After returning to the Prof.

Embarking on the journey to contributorship

Cpd ch 6 embarking the journey Education. The song written and sungby him is become verypopular and every one givehim praised him.

From Victim to Creator of my own destiny Second step: She came back inProfessional Tennis in Being the willingness to take fullresponsibility for ones own development Third Step: Being the Capacity to reflect on onesdevelopment and making appropriate modifications 3. Embarking on the journey to contributorship Download Report.

By nili Follow User. Being the Capacity to reflect on ones development and making appropriate modifications.

She did such a great job! After One year She gave birth to a baby.


A Learning Journey. First doing just a few under the guidance of her senior…then some more…then independently. What is the Odyssey? So were trying to sell you all is that All the major contributors in present or past have gonethrough many obstacles but and every time they had tochose between two roads and they chose Not To GiveUP And this is what makes them special. Victims ContributorsBelieve circumstances are morepowerful than they areBelieve that they as humanbeings, can shape thecircumstances they are inLive in the comfort of the known Willing to fail and grow beyond theknownConstantly blame others for theirCircumstances or problemsTake responsibility for their ownproblems and solvesDepend upon others to findanswers for themRely on themselves and their ownsolutions instead of waiting forothers to find answers 4.


While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Although he is a actor but hetry new thinghe sing asong which is written by himself.

Her voice went out to s of employees. And with Someinjury Problems and family issues She retiredin It comes from within the ourselves-from our commitment to be a contributorpractice contribution and to experience its contributprship in our own lives.