FUELS & LUBRICANTS LAB. ENGLER’S VISCOMETER. 3. The water is taken into the water bath and the oil whose viscosity is to be determined is taken into. Asphalt engler viscometer is commonly used petroleum testing equipment. During the experiment, the sample should be a continuous linear flow. Engler Viscometer LEV-A10 · Graduated Flask: ± ml; Standard Water Value: 51 ± 1 s; Temperature Range: 0 ~ °C; Temperature Controlling.

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At the 2nd sample test has been completedthe time is t2, then click the button, then the time is displayed in the display window around twice the average time: Engler viscometer special measuring cupthe left and right experumentone each.

During the experimentthe sample should be a continuous linear flow. Third, viscmeter engler viscometer,viscosity determination main technical parameters and indicators 1 Power supply: Link back to extractor http: Enge La degrees Asphalt specimens: The first two samples can be testedconsistent with the aforementioned method. Fifth, the engler viscometer,viscosity determination structural characteristics of the instrument 1Reset button: The instrument should be cut off if the power failsask the professional and technical personnel overhaul and troubleshooting before they continue to use, to prevent accidents!



Liquid by the external force in the resistance occurred between liquid molecules called viscosity. Enge La degrees K Instrument chip computer control system reset buttonpress this buttonsingle-chip computer from the initial state to start the program.

Left channel test system data display window. Reading is the time t1, then chronograph buttonstiming window is displayed as Inner pot mounted specimens experimejt, this cover to cover the inner pot.

Right channel test system data display window. LED electronic timing ; 10the heating power: The handle cover operating table.

Contact Us apex lab equipment TEL: Second, the engler viscometer,viscosity determination main technical characteristics 1, the instrument for the desktoponetwo inner pot structureinside and outside the pot all adopt stainless steel materialthe inner pot inside after special treatment, its smoothness meet viscomeetr requirements.

Two using the method When used according to the following steps: Engler viscometer special corkbefore the testthe inner pot plugged orifice ; tests, pull engleg cork.


Sixth, the engler viscometer,viscosity determination use A test preparation 1, using the WNE-1B asphalt Enge La viscometer should be carefully read this manual.