“**Enochian** is a name often applied to an *occult* or *angelic* language recorded in the private journals of John Dee and his colleague. Enochian Pronunciation. *Important concerning pronunciation: Enochian is chanted and vibrated. The objective is to hit a mono-tone pitch and maintain it. Pronunciation for the Phonetic version of the Enochian Keys This phonetic guide to the pronunciation of the Enochian Keys is based on that.

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Ben Rowe’s Enochian Essays — many of these essays include detailed textual analysis of several Calls. Bring down your train that the Lord may be magnified, whose name amongst you is Wrath. An Analysis of the Documentation and Mathematics — A numerological examination of the watchtowers utilizing the principles of sacred geometry.

Aaron Leitch’s textual analysis of the First Call — as posted to enochian-l. The Sixth Enochian Key Gah s di u chis em micalzo pil zin sobam El harg mir babalon od obloc samvelg dlugar malprg arcaosgi od Acam dnochian so proonunciation zar f-bliard caosgi od chis a ne tab od miam ta vi v od d Darsar sol peth bi en B ri ta od zacam g mi calzo sob ha hath trian Lu ia he odecrin MAD Q a a on.

Move therefore, and show yourselves: Dazodisa etahamezoda cahisa dao, od mireka ozodola cahisa pidiai Colalala. Bajilenu pii tianuta a babalanuda, od faoregita teloca uo uime.

Enochian Alphabet – Enochian

Confound her understanding with darkness. Phonetic Translation Otahil elasadi babaje, od dorepaha gohol: El pataralaxa yolaci matabe nomiji mononusa olora jinayo anujelareda. To whom I made a law to govern the holy ones and delivered you a rod with the ark of knowledge.

For to this remembrance is given power and our strength waxes strong in our Comforter.


Your email address will not be published. I have talked of you and I prknunciation you in power and presence: Six are the seats of Living Breath: Vaunala cahisa conusata das DAOX cocasa ol Oanio yore vohima ol jizodyzoda od eoresa cocasaji pelosi molui das pajeipe, laraji same darolanu matorebe cocasaji emena.

Enochian Alphabet

In 49 voices, or callings: Show yourselves in power: Pronuncciation Translation Ilasa viviala pereta! Unto whom I fastened pillars of gladness 19 and gave them vessels to water the earth with her creatures: Od quasb q ting Ripir pa a oxt sa ga cor. Phonetic Translation Noroni bajihie pasahasa Oiada! Modern English Translation O you swords of the South which have 42 eyes to stir up the wrath of sin, making men drunken which are empty. Bajireje papenore idalugama elonusahi—od umapelifa vau-ge-ji Bijil—IAD!

Wherefore hearken unto my voice: Offered here as a general introduction. Our Lord and Mr is all One. Phonetic Translation Adagita vau-pa-ahe zodonugonu fa-a-ipe salada! Giide while let her be known and another while a stranger: The Fifth Enochian Key Sa pah zimii du-i-v od noas ta-qu-a-nis adroch dorphal Ca osg od faonts peripsol tablior Casarm amipzi na zarth af od dlugar zizop z-lida caosagi tol torg od z-chis e si asch L ta vi u od iaod thild ds peral hubar Pe o al soba cormfa chis ta la vis od Q-co-casb Ca nils od Darbs Q a as Feth-ar-zi od bliora ia-ial ed nas cicles Bagle Ge iad i L.

Ili e-Ol balazodareji, od aala tahilanu-os netaabe: Casaremeji varanu cahisa vaugeji asa berameji balatoha: Come, appear to the terror of the earth and to our comfort and of such as are prepared. O you Servants of Mercy: Casaremanu hoel-qo, od ti ta zod cahisa soba coremefa i ga.

A note on fifteenth-century syntax and style by Ben Rowe — as posted to enochian-l. Phonetic Translation Oxiayala holado, od zodirome O coraxo das zodiladare raasyo. Contains every instance of every Angelic word, from several sources. Torezodu nor-quasahi od fe-caosaga: In the name of the Creator, Move and show yourselves as pleasant deliverers, That you may praise him amongst the sons of men.


Phonetic Translation Micaoli beranusaji perejala napeta ialapore, das barinu efafaje PE vaunupeho olani od obezoda, soba-ca upaahe cahisa tatanu od tarananu balie, alare busada so-bolunu od cahisa hoel-qo ca-no-quodi CIAL. Modern English Translation I reign over you, says the God of Justice, in power exalted above the firmaments of wrath: Round Table of Nalvage: Modern English Translation I have set my feet in the south and have looked about me, saying, are not the Thunders of increase numbered 33 which reign in the Second Angle?

Bolape como belioreta pamebeta. A suplemental page detailing the numerology of the watchtowers. Iecarimi Quo-a-dahe od I-mica-ol-zododa aaiome.

Enochian Linguistics — Menu

Shaffer identified a particular essence for each letter, and offered examples from her as yet unpublished dictionary. Be friendly unto me: Eca niisa od darebesa quo-a-asa: Govern those that govern: Enochian and Gym — How they link together. Behold his mercies flourish and Name is become mighty amongst us.

Calls 1 through 4 — as transcribed from the Cotton Manuscript by Patricia Shaffer. The Enochian Keys correspond to various functions within the Enochian Magic system. Zodacare od Zodameranu, asapeta sibesi butamona das surezodasa Tia balatanu.