Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Oct 2, , Brigitte Bargetz and others published Equaliberty: political essays. It could be asserted that the spectre of Equaliberty (Égaliberté) has haunted Étienne Balibar’s work for decades. Political Essays, transl. Equaliberty: Political Essays by ÉtienneBalibar(trans. James Ingram).Durham, NC: Duke University Press, pp., £, ISBN.

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As its most fundamental ethicopolitical proposition, equaliberty thereby marks an ultimate aporia. Contemporary Debates in Political Philosophy. This, the title of the collection, points to the constant tension between the concepts of freedom and equality, or between social rights and liberty.

Equaliberty: Notes on the Thought of Étienne Balibar

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The current period with its governmentalizing logic is characterized by both the sesays of hierarchy and the promotion of individual inequality.

Balibar terms this a universality, which is both historic and a priori. Science Logic and Mathematics. In particular, this review will focus on the work that compares the idea of democratic power and rights with the institution of rights within the framework of the nation state.

Characteristic is its inscription in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizenwhere equality and liberty were explicitly equated. Your email address will not be published. As the gains of classical liberal citizenship are transformed by neoliberal strategies of governance as identified by Foucault, Brown and others, so the essential gaps, lacunae and tensions are exposed, indicating that struggle and contestation are always present and possible.


Such an approach, he argues, recognizes that the process of instituting norms is not something external to the construction of the universal and the institution of modern citizenship but that in fact the determination of norms of conduct is the hidden face of citizenship Andrei Marmor – – Oup Usa.

It thus precedes institutionalisation, yet it demands its own integration despite the fact that it can never be adequately, i. By contrast, intensive universality concerns an intrinsic quality, which has universal validity on a priori grounds. Andrei Marmor – – Oup Usa.

Equaliberty: Political Essays

This moves to the question of today’s crisis. Balibar is certain that a realpolitik actualisation of either A or B could never be achieved irrespective of its particular counterpart Balibar He finds the tension between these different kinds of rights to be ingrained in the constitution of the modern nation-state and the contemporary welfare state.

Indeed, this continual problematization of edsays conditions for citizenship might be considered to be an exemplary manifestation of what it means to be a critical citizen. Human Rights and Political Participation in the 21st Century.

James Ingram (ed.), Equaliberty: Political Essays – PhilPapers

Specifically we could talk of the peculiarity of geopolitical hegemony, an individualistic frontier ideology, and that the principle of universal social rights has never been fully recognized in the Equalkberty States Democracy then rests on contingent foundations, and it necessarily does so. Furthermore, to authentically demand freedom universally is to demand freedom equally, meaning each individual is to be granted the same freedom. It is helpful to clarify I and II separately, as each of them point to slightly different facets of equaliberty.


Rare for a book with such a philosophical argument, the connection to these issues is clear and prescient. Essays in the Morality of Law and Politics. Duke University Press This is a question to be raised in relation both to politics itself and our conceptualization of it, and it gives the book its topicality.

Étienne Balibar, Equaliberty: Political Essays – PhilPapers

Los dilemas of democracy and its historical and contemporary relevance for citizenship. This site uses Akismet to reduce ;olitical. Learn how your comment data is processed.

A different perspective on the crisis is provided by examining how it exacerbates the internal contradictions of social citizenship and, in particular, how the continuous progress of basic rights comes up eessays the articulation of individual autonomy.

Thus, what he calls for generally amounts to two essentials: Both appear in antithetical form, similar to equaliberty itself. Balibar works to problematize the institution of citizenship. However, it is already on logical grounds that exclusion here is still implied, as excluding exclusion is still excluding.

However, to translate both abstract universals simultaneously into one political framework is, as we will see, underpinned by a myriad of aporias.