Themes in Etherscope encourage us to look under the surface and the RPG talks later of an “uber plot” which will expand in future supplements. Jack in, scope up, and get ready, because the options for an Etherscope game Etherscope is a complete OGL role playing game containing everything you. Etherscope: Etherspace Adventures in an Age of Industry, Intrigue, and Imperialism- A Complete Role-Playing Game [Nigel McClelland, Ben Redmond] on.

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Due to its extensive military commitments in its existing possessions, there are still areas of their Empire that were never fully explored or which ethersvope lapsed into wilderness and savagery.

London remains capital of the Empire, though. Log in No account? The League’s views and methods are seen as controversial but their success has made their theories more accepted. It has an arm’s length relationship with the Ethfrscope Reich and is very aloof to the British Empire. Sorry that something went wrong, repeat again! Retrieved from ” https: Curate drives back and upon doing so sees another vehical pull out of a warehouse.

The man agrees and pulls a pistol on them shooting them dead. The rest of mankind are known as Betas. Others use it to further criminal or political goals by stealing, altering, or even deleting stored information or forging hideouts or communication networks in the Etherscape to avoid the authorities.

The concept of the Ether, either as the fifth element, was investigated etuerscope the Law of Entropy.

The Etherscope RPG community’s Journal

Alll about the bottom of these filing towers are the scoep users of America, wandering about between work looking for entertaintment and relaxation in the virtual city. In chinatown down an alleyway two chinese men speak to an unseen man that they have ettherscope device and the deal is ready.


Enginaughts were originally the trained technicians that created, maintained, programmed, and used “difference engines” mechanical computers. Mysteries of the Occult. The Etherscape is a hell dimension. The two oriental men had already been edging back and make a break for it, exiting the cinema, the other agent in chase, breaking the doors off the hinges as he pounds through.

However, etherscoe are countered with the reality that they would be cut out of the European market and its resources and would be the only countries in Europe without colonies. Couples walk about eating scorching pink popcorn, and at the bar a shimmering hologram mixes cocktails. Views Read Edit View history.

Etherscope RPG

Decker explains that the group, being relative unknowns, yet skilled in their respective fields, Morgan being a hunter and tracker, Kendrigrad a link to high society and industry, Curate more a a street level man and scope rider, and wishes to test them intially with the simple task of retrieving an experimental energy unit from Cadecus Labs, a ethsrscope subsidary of AnimaCorp little known to his rivals, in particular a Japanese company.

The exact opinion varies, as nothing is known precisely about it. The Young Turks movement revolutionized the military and liberalized society but has had limited effect on government corruption; Mehmed VI supported their reforms as long as they didn’t interfere with his rule and his successors were backed by the Neu Ethfrscope. We descend down into the upper streets, a patchwork of cobbles and steel plate, lined with chemists, tobacconists, gaudy sweet shops, windows filled with dresses from London, suits from America, furniture from China, the multitude of these stores enticing their rich and influential clientele to spend their disposable incomes while their servants look on.


The cinema itself is blistered with gun fire, seat blown apart revealing their spider slik like stuffing.

Etherscope is a complete OGL role playing game containing everything you need to create a character, play an adventure, start a campaign, and explore Etherspace! Curate and Kendrigard go to the lab and in the warehouse are told that the device has already been taken by men with the exact same documents. Jordan doesn’t exist because the British never set it up as a buffer zone because the House of Saud never conquered Arabia.


The other is in a simpler suit and carries a long coat. Some think they are new programs or etheric constructs that either act on pre-programmed instructions or have even attained sentience. In the Etherscape dimension there are entire cities which provide sanctuary for explorers and protection for important data.

Cyberpunk Victoriana Now it’s Small buttresses of steel protruded like fingers for the zeppelins and a cavernous dock allows for Zepcars to swoop in and out as if the building were some large beehive.

Users vary from upper-class dilettantes to massive government bureaucracies and wealthy fpg. So the troupe make a prompt departure from the labs and head north again, back to Manchester and the heart of Metropolis.