Tagged Andrea Rossi, charged cluster, E-Cat, electron cluster, eugene podkletnov, EVO, Exotic Vacuum Object, gravity impulse beam. Some Emerging Possibilities – ; Eugene Podkletnov on Antigravity – Podkletnov Paper with Giovanni Modanese – scribd – Document in PDF. The recent announcement by Russian scientist, Eugene Podkletnov, that he has invented an anti-gravity machine, which was to be described.

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If you believe you can help, please reply. Professor and Noble Price winner Hendrik A. After careful testing, Podkletnov has found the speed of the antigravity impulse to be approximately 64 times the speed of light 64cwhich he indicates does not conflict with modern interpretations of Relativity Theory.

Dennis Bushnell on Space Exploration. What his firm has achieved is a Seeking to demonstrate a more pronounced gravity shielding effect, over time he constructed larger superconducting disks, and has euggene proposed stacking arrays of rotating disks as a means for multiplying the gravity shielding effect based on existing experimental designs. This is a new property for atoms which can explain gravity ron groskey June 5, at Magnetism is nothing more than electrostatics combined with special relativity.

Podkletnov’s first peer-reviewed paper on the podklenov gravity-modification effect, published inattracted little notice.

Podkletnov is well-known for his experiments involving Euugene superconductors, which produced a gravity-shielding effect that was investigated by NASA and has been the subject of many peer-review papers.

Hooper was also a believer in that there are two types of induced electrical fields, just like Maxwell and Feynman. Michael Faraday discovered the law of induction from changing magnetic fields, around the same time as Joseph Henry.


The concept of anti-gravity is not possible but changing the direction of gravity is a matter that can be dealt podkletov.

John Wsol on the MEG. Ning Li did some interesting theoretical and experimental work on interactions of superconductivity and gravity.

Mark Hugo on Cold Fusion. Giovanni Modanese, and describes the findings of his study, which involved measuring the speed of the force-beam using two separate, but cross-correlated measurement techniques.

Over the last few years, Podkletnov has continued his research, and published a joint paper with Dr. Mark Hugo on Global Warming. Lectures on Physics, Vol. Nils Rognerud electromagnetic forces. Eugene Podkletnov on Antigravity July 18, The paper is available in the following file formats: You should also watch this video ;odkletnov demonstrations on how Gravity can be understood as an electromagnetic side-effect — which I sometimes call the Dielectric Field effect: Townsend Brown Some of his research during that time may have been classified so we may not have all the latest public research findings.

Eugene Podkletnov on Gravity Shielding

Tom Beardon did not appear to understand how the device worked — and he was unable to replicate it. He also says the motional electric field the dielectric field has unique properties and that it is not shieldable.

Since leaving Tampere in Podkletnov uegene avoided public contact or appearances. Sweet talks about the BxV field dielectric field — which is actually the Laplace force from the Lorentz Equations.


Lifter Flight-Test Compilation Footage. According to the account Podkletnov gave to Wired reporter Charles Platt in a phone interview, during a experiment with a rotating superconducting disc:. This paper is largely ignored by the Floyd Sweet fans that are trying to replicate his device. Please take note of the references to different types of induced electric fields with unique properties.

Regrettably, she has not published egene research since Brown claims to have found gravitational control through charging asymmetrical capacitors. This idea also shows how gravity can be redirected. I believe if this information about how gravity works ehgene taken seriously it will be shone to be as eugend or better than any idea thus far.

The observed phenomenon appears to be absolutely new and unprecedented in the literature.

Eugene Podkletnov on Gravity Shielding

The Floyd Sweet Device has nothing to do with vacuum triodes or amplifiers. Patents Awarded to William Hooper 3, This paper is a review of the problem of the observable action of gravitational forces on charged particles.

Archived from the original on September 30, Nobody seems to know where she is working nowadays. Podkletnov himself complained that he had never claimed to block gravity, only to have reduced its effect.

In part 2 of the website a give an other experiment where I confirm the electromagnetic nature of gravity.