Autochthonia Revised. In progress! So go away. Er, unless you wanna read my ramblings. Mostly just an outline at the moment. For the record. The study of these phenomena served as the basis of the gravity based Charms of the Alchemical Exalted. While Autochthon sleeps, his body. Hadal is the capital of Autochthonia in the Gunstar setting (it doesn’t exist in normal Exalted). It’s a large metropolis built on the Pole of Crystal.

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But you get the idea. Bearing in mind that the Autochthonian world is supposed to be a halfway point between the Steampunk and Cyberpunk nightmares, it would follow that kinotropes and punchcards are viable alternatives to supercomputers and virtual reality. By design, the Pole of Smoke universally falls outward so as to act as a basin collecting waste from above, while in the Pole of Oil, all falls away from the outer wall, so as to better draw oils into the Pole of Metal below.

Autochthonia – [Exalted Past]

Volatile and unpredictable, it seems to hinder as much as it aids, but the people of Autochthonia would not survive without it. In addition, Estasia connects to Kamak, and is extorting exorbitant tariffs on trade between it and the other two nations.

Inside Autochthon The Great Seal. Souls and death is like pre-First Age state; no oblivion or underworld, just return to the ewer of souls.

The region is particularly populated by the nomadic tribes of Glass Walkers, who find the Custodians autoxhthonia particularly tolerant of humans autocnthonia do not disturbing the crystal pathways. Where pictographs fail, however, autochtohnia things may come forward: The rock disguises are usually mostly-empty sensor hulls, a exaltdd connecting it to a core possibly just a single alchemical inside. The Divine Minister is weakened by this until they can forge a replacement Subroutine, which can take years.

By design, this power source is also a Municipal portal through the Pole of Lightning by which portal jumping Operatives can follow reliable paths exaltd the nations of the Octet, and elsewhere in Autochthonia. So what does this mean? Gremlins are everywhere; mostly small, easily-slain ones, but occasionally a nastier one makes itself known.

Small correction to a pronoun usage – Infinite Facets Observer was female – though Iceto has abandoned gender-identity. The six military structured expanses, square in boundary, are located at strategic locations through the Pole of Metal, far from the Eight Nations. The Pole is autocuthonia to Autochthonia, providing power for almost everything that the populace uses, and so they have an entire nation dedicated solely to its repair and maintenance.


Where the metropoli of the Pole of Metal rely first and foremost on human labor to carry out their functions autocjthonia the life-processes of Autochthon, the Theopoli primarily turn to the channeling of faith. The Drone powers in the book count as Spirit-Charms for this purpose. This PDF might be of slight use to you, for reference. Source of moonsilver, bizarrely. Would it be possible to invest some time into making the “wilderness” come across as a little less bleak and monotonous?

A bar on the far side of the white-lined crosswalk suspended a pair of dualistic signs; at the moment, the red hand warned him from crossing, but Sopp exaletd feeling rebellious, and after the Regulator steamcar, the streets were largely clear.

In stark contrast to rowdy Claslat is Nurad, often referred to as the Silent State. It is not Domadamod’s nature to be unharmed or unshaped by outside forces, but rather all wounds and shaping fall away as its husk is ever shed and ever grows. Despite how alien these features in addition to everything described in the Compass would be to people from Creation or our world for that matter autochhhonia it is important to stress that unlike the worldforms of certain other Primordials Malfeas for exampleAutochthonia adheres to the understood three spatial directions.

The oldest of the Theopoli ascended in the wake of Thutot and Kadar brining about the birth of Metropolitan Era.

We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. The Autochthonian year is made up of hour days. A strange people untouched by the outside world for millennia, they are utterly ignorant of the concepts of violence or sufferings.

However Ministerial Subroutines have succumb before.

They have received the Investiture of Axiomatic Wxalted from a Divine Minister, and are enhanced accordingly with a “Program” to drive them same as an “Urge”. They are given food and water processed from the ambrosia workings of the citadel, and in return they collect other resources from other reaches of the crystalline realm, such as patches of the other Magical Materials, found in fallen nerves, or the rare conduit veins that enter from the Pole of Metal, behind selectively permeable membranes.

Embn has only the portion of ambrosia its patron Ministers tithe it from their share — so the resources brought by conduit could not be more important! A xealted of living corruption. Need to emphasize the fear these missions create; effectively being stuck in a sensory deprivation tank that is itself underwater, with no idea if the surface is still nearby or if the anchor has broken and you’ve drifted a hundred miles away.


This may contribute why it was him, out of the three survivors of that batch of five, who was chosen along with firstborn Infinite Facets Observer to root himself in the Pole of Crystal and ascend to cityhood. Dark men will repent of evil deeds and bow before their new rulers, hoping to work together to improve the city. Originally posted by Exthalion View Post. It’s something like a very long lifetime of indentured service for crimes in a previous life.

It is almost preferable to be blasted with a gout of smoke coming out of a vent than it is to be hit by a autochthohia of high-pressure steam. Perhaps to make his point, he shuffled one step outside of the white line boundaries.


Er, unless you wanna read my ramblings. Noi’s ship shifts and shimmers with every turn. Where they bend the normal rules of space within the Maker, is that just as the five offices of autochthonla Bureau of Destiny co-exist across Yu Shan AND surrounding the Loom of Autodhthonia through its weaving of reality – so to do the citadels of the Divine Minister co-exist throughout his Poles AND surrounding the Godhead on the most outer reaches of the great torus chamber by grace of the Design.

Unless something changes soon for Nurad, the nation is surely doomed. Quiet, sometimes born hairless, almost monk-like. Make an appointment today! Any Charm with the Blasphemy Keyword, as well as exaltdd Third Tier Sorcery or Necromancy is guaranteed to elicit an immune response from his systems. The Wyld core at the pole of crystal is the source of his creative urge; without it, he would be dead.

However, what kind of data could these punch cards store? The Hall of 10, Copper Thunders. Being targeted by any Exxalted Charm will automatically smack them with the Loom’s recognition.