OUTPUTS. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 5. 4. 1. 2. 3. Figure 2. MVX 88 VGA A High Resolution Video Matrix Switcher. MVX 44 / 48 / 84 / 88 VGA Matrix Switchers • Installation. 8×8 VGA and Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher. IR User’s Guide (Manual). MVX 44 / 48 / 84 / 88 Series Setup Guide (Manual). MVX 44 / 48 / 84 / 88 Series. MVX VGA A. Computer Video (VGA) and Audio Matrix Switchers. MVX Matrix Switcher Part Numbers. These items are included in each order for a MVX A matrix.

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It can be verified by measuring the unbalanced output when the output level is set to “Consumer”. Width excludes rack ears.

Convenient pin HD connectors are used for all computer-video input and output connections. Unbalanced stereo audio is input on 3. Using pre-terminated cable assemblies, such as Extron’s VGA with Audio Cables, eliminates crimping and makes installations faster and easier.


VGA on female pin HD connectors; audio on 3. Larger sizes, from 12×12 to 16×16, provide a minimum of MHz -3 dB at full performance capability, when one input drives all extfon.

The new sync signals precede the RGB signals, so there is no glitch during the transition. In lock-out mode, a special button combination is required to operate the front panel. The serial port also makes it easy to install firmware updates.

Extron MVX 84 VGA-A 8×4 VGA and Stereo Audio Matrix Rackmount Switcher

Computer scan rates and also NTSC 3. Inputs 1 to 8: Positive or negative follows input.

This is referenced to the internal bus signal level. Nominal level output volume range. Maximum level ohm.

Extron MVX 84 VGA Audio Matrix Switcher Rack Mount | eBay

Baud rate and protocol. Convection, vents on sides and top.

Convection, vents on right and left sides. Yes, with included mounting kit. Yes, with optional under-desk mounting kit.