The Fab Five. The freshmen quintet. The youngest team to ever threaten the Big Enchilada of college basketball. Already the Wolverines have. The Fab Five by Mitch Albom – book cover, description, publication history. The Hardcover of the The Fab Five: Basketball Trash Talk the American Dream by Mitch Albom at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or.

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But if you’re not into sad stories I wouldn’t read it because the book talks about the players lives that weren’t very good because of how poor they all were. Many people were used to seeing people play fundamentally. Perfect read for any sports fan, does have quite a bit of profanity, so fivd it in book form instead of audiobook in order to skim read the dialogue parts.

The film was noted as the highest-rated ESPN documentary of all time. Not just a author, but the number-one sportswriter in the nation. Mitchell David Albom is an author, journalist, screenwriter, playwright, radio and television broadcaster and musician.

Chris and jalen signed, soon Jimmy king and fife jackson followed. He also is involved in a lot of different fundraisers ad charity events. Today he is probably the most known player on that team. Others accept money from ED Martin giving them money so when they made fb to the big leagues they would repay him.

Not saying that is a good thing but a kid who grew up with very little, grows up to be one of greatest centers in college basketball. I give this book 5 stars because of how interesting of a read this is, I truly enjoyed reading this book. The result in any school, city, or sport will eventually come to the same result. I would most definitely recommend this book to anybody seeking slbom good sports story especially basketball.

At first only three of the five freshmen started but as the season went on and as the team struggled Coach Steve Fisher had no other option then to start all five freshmen.

The Fab Five

Jun 12, Daniel rated it liked it. It tells the story of five Wolverine freshman who revolutionized the sport of college basketball. This book is filled with facts that I never known before I read this book and Album does a really great job of explaining everything you need to know about the Fab Five. The fab five were known for talking trash.


It caused michigan to lose both NCAA flags and no coach could talk to the players for 10 years. I think basketball fans and fans of Michigan, and people interested in he topic of the Michigan scandal will love the book.

Fab Five: Basketball, Trash Talk, the American Dream by Mitch Albom

Can you blame Fvie Webber or anyone cab for that matter for mihch money? PistonPowered 2 years Detroit Pistons playoff chances take a slight fall. Being a freshmen on a college basketball likely meant that you wouldn’t start no matter how good you are. I would recommend this book to any sports fan out their seeking a good basketball story. Although the whole team did it, Rose was pointed out and exploited most. But when Vab look back, I think that while the university and the program ultimately paid a hefty and fair price, what those kids did on the basketball floor as freshmen was and continues to be one of the greatest feats in the history of the NCAA Tournament.

All five freshman would start for steve fisher and the Michigan wolverines, being the only team in history to start all five freshman. In a small number of two weeks all of the freshmen on the basketball team were starting and out shining all of the expectations. Albom also looks at the heralded players they reduced to reserve roles: Fab Five by Mitch Albom was probably my favorite book I have read all semester.

Another thing that i like alot about alboom book was the way he went into the upperclassman’s stories as well as the fab fives. When he followed up his perfect shooting game against Kentucky with 7 turnovers in the first half against Michigan, I was thrilled.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Albom is a very consistant author and continues to uphold his reputation with this book. Apr 08, Harry Costea rated it liked it. People of all ages would like this book no matter how old you are The fab five inspired me to run the court and talk trash.


Mitch Albom as a writer is pure genius! In addition to that, Michigan had to go and make some recruiting moves.

This book talks about the racial struggle the team had to go through and the book go’s through all of the players life’s.

It did a great job of showing every player and not just the fab five. The b ook comes across from multiple points of cive and narrates how hard it was for these k The Fab 5 is truly a terrific book. View all Fantasy Basketball Sites.

Want kitch Read Currently Reading Read.

PistonPowered Book Club: Fab Five by Mitch Albom

The characters went though this My book is about 4 college basketball players on Michigan wolverines. Now, Webber did get flve opportunity to play for a truly unique team in Sacramento, a team that, despite never making the Finals, will still be remembered for those great series they had with the Lakers and for being one of the best passing teams ever in the modern NBA.

This led to him conceiving a technical foul, which leads to his team losing the game. Although the whole team did it, Rose was pointed out because wlbom did it the most. The then-Bullets had a chance at becoming an absolutely dominant team. Albom also does a great job depicting some of their moments.

alhom I think that this book is a five star book. The Fab Five wanted to change people’s perception of basketball. I have previously watched the 30 for 30 on ESPN about the fab five, so I was very excited to read this book when I saw it in the library.

In fact, on top teams most starters are freshman, but in Fab Five by Mitch Albom was probably my favorite book I have read all semester. The Book, Fab Five: Recommended to April by: