Author of Face Lifting by Exercise Senta Maria Runge originator of facial exercises, has devoted almost 30 years to develop facial exercises, introduced by. Results 1 – 30 of 52 Face lifting by exercise by Runge, Senta Maria and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Senta Maria Runge’s book Face Lifting By Exercise is available online for free.

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That was the beginning of a successful career which today helps countless women and men mari the world. As the weight shifts down it collects at the laugh line and at the lower face, causing eexrcise, pouches, and jowls. More than once while visiting him, we had the humorous problem of being accused of being newly weds. The basic principle of the method is to keep the entire face and body relaxed and to move the designated muscle group only.

As to how the system came into being, Senta Maria Runge smiles and tells you, “It was born out of my own necessity. Fri Jan 15, Consequently, it stands to reason that a thin face receives mwria benefit from a lift than a fat face.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. When you repeat, think of a rubber band which you expand and release under control. A correct performance with more than three-step-movements will show immediate results.

Santa Maria Runge Face Lifting by Exercise Facial Exercises Natural Face Lift

Some performers hold their contour up during production by special tapes or clips, which, of course, could not be worn on the street. As often as you wish until you have control over the muscles.


Unfortunately, skin aids do not prevent the loss of moisture, because of their inability to form a continuous occlusive covering of the skin. First pull the abdominal muscles and then the buttock muscles in and hold this position. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. The only effective remedy for shortening and firming muscle tissues is isometric exercise at the impetus of the mind. Here too, as with the upper eyelids, we can see only the skin, loose and hanging, adapting to its muscle foundation.

Senta Maria Runge

Click Here to join our community. Drab, mousy, reticent girls, as well as women and men who realized they had a facial imperfection but did not know how to correct it, within a few weeks, blossomed and became almost “new” people maira alive, vital, happy and optimistic. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Skin quality and structural form are basic beauty assets of the face; the expression is the manager or administrator of these assets.

The only possible correct way to work the elastic tissues of the skin, is through expanding it by the underlying muscles.

Face Lifting By Exercise, 12th Edition: Senta Maria Runge: : Books

Thu Sep 16, 4: Gravity’s pull over many years has now accomplished a matron’s face. We have evidence of this from the Eskimos, whose skins, even though protected with heavy grease, show the adverse effects liftinb the climate in which they live. Support the grip with the other hand. While lower teeth and lip are held over the upper lip and teeth, smile with mouth corners backward and upward and hold this position for 6 seconds with concentration on a good muscle pull around and over the jaw bone.


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Tue Sep 14, 9: In later years these circles and lines will become lasting and extensive due to tiredness and a consequent lack of circulation. A resistance must always be kept aently -firm, since otherwise, one may resist the resistance.

In such climates, the skin, in a short time, shrinks like silk under a hot iron. No matter along what line a habit is – smoking, drinking, overeating or frowning – one really has to work at it, in order to break it.

In order to correct a contour fault through the process of shortening the muscles and restoring the tone, one has to apply to those muscles at fault, a program of rungs result-producing exercises in succession, once a day, 5 days a week.

I found it here: If the pull in the jowl has been lost during the action, then one of the above mentioned instructions has not been followed.

The treatment has to start at night by thoroughly removing all make-up and dust particles.