A FASA Doctor Who role-playing game resource site. Doctor Who Role Playing Game [BOX SET]. For fans this boxed set by FASA represents a mine of source material. I’m no expert on the series, but it looks like the. I’ve been trying to read the rule book for the old FASA RPG, but it is stiff going. It seems to be a mixed bag of trying to make rules and trying to.

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The Cybermen are terrorizing the space lanes. His best advice centers on nailing down the climax of the adventure, but leaving the whp to get to it whichever way they choose:.

The main set of three rulebooks was followed by several separately published adventures and supplements for the game, which provided details about the Daleksthe Cybermen and the Master. I lucked out in that no one had seen the episode I was using as the basis of the game. On the off chance that you might want to do the same, let me tell you the basic features of these systems:.

This adventure contains the deck plans doctpr the courier ship and extensive notes to help the beginning gamemaster run a role playing adventure scenario.

Interestingly enough and in keeping with the source materialthe non-combat oriented characters found plenty to do in combat situations besides combat actions. Skills got checked… and sonic screwdrivers got used.

FASA also published two solo play gamebooks: Has the archeological excavation of an ancient Druidic mound awakened something that was better left undisturbed? No real effort at DTP or presentable layout. X Aquatic Database 3. The actions in each of the free-form encounters affect the players in the short term. This was all surprising to me. I’ve never played it; I saw it briefly once, many years ago.

The Daleks are dictor Earth. It has a ton of information up to the end of the Fifth Doctor basically. This article may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia’s quality standards.


Ah well… never mind. History will be changed and an army of fanatic conquerors loosed upon the Galaxy if dcotor Time Lord and his Companions cannot stop the renegade’s sinister plan. No matter what else was happening, the players just seemed to take satisfaction from this. I’ve never – to my knowledge – met anybody who’s played it! Go to our Sales Site.

FASA Doctor Who | Jeffro’s Space Gaming Blog

Attributes range from A more sophisticated adventure will have several possible finales, depending on decisions made by the players during the faas.

Yeah, it was a total rip off of a novel from the seventies, a comic book from the eighties, and elements of an otherwise completely horrible science fiction series… but you know, it was my rip off. To join the Doctor in his adventures to defeat the foes of the universe, you only need your imagination, a pencil, some doctlr, and this game!

But they do not have much time. The Time Lord and his Companions had been sent to the capital of Queen Victoria’s realm to learn the source of a strange weapon that should never have been on Earth at all.

Afsa are at work to unleash something hideous and all-too-powerful upon the residents of Earth. He follows this up with a breakdown of three campaign types: Roctor find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: In an attempt to give the players the full FASA Doctor Who experience, I let them make their own characters instead of giving them pre-gens.

I was just trying to get an idea on whether it was worth trying to pick it up again and parse through it all. What was the ancient evil, and how had it been awakened? At worst, you will need either oxygen pills, breathing masks, or cold weather fpg. An evil renegade Time Lord has allied himself with British tribesmen to lure a Doftor army — and a Roman Emperor — into a deviously plotted trap.

This break down should be enough to get you up to speed for a quick convention game. The alien creature system custom tailored to Doctor Who? They were silent, completely still, and must have been frozen for centuries, They rested patiently, waiting This streamlining is the game’s principal strength, but the source of its main weakness – its granularity.


The Time Lord and his Companions are sent to Hartlewick, England to locate the source of this unexplained energy field. What was the ancient evil, and how had it been awakened?

FASA Doctor Who RPG Resource Site

There is no population level. And are these strange occurrences related to the presence of a mysterious energy field? Reset Fields Log in. An evil renegade Time Lord has allied himself with British tribesmen to lure a Roman army — and a Roman Emperor — into a deviously plotted trap.

Linear encounters are used to introduce fasz scenario, drawing the players and the characters into the action, giving them a reason to enter the scenario environment and meet the scenario NPCs. That was only the first mystery that confronted the Time Lord whk his Companions when they set out to investigate a violent revolution in an age of turmoil, and stumbled into a plot that could end human history – and change the universe forever. Forces are at work to unleash something hideous and all-too-powerful upon the residents of Earth.

A collision in the Vortex with an unknown timeship…a forced materialization on the rocky seaside cliffs of feudal Japan…a power play among the samurai warlords who wield absolute power in an ancient and mysterious realm.

I stayed up late on Saturdays to watch episodes on public television… I bought novelizations… I bought the figures and even an adventure module for the game… but I never could wrap my head around it. And why did it work?