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It would be nice if we had it fixed for next update. Different story maybe different ticket. Created mappings may not be loaded. As per dyndns – yes we would love to have this functional, but it is not working for some reason. I found also something else in sssd, but it’s not very related to the FD leaks.

Yes the issue persists. I checked some changes in related code between sssd branch and sssd After certain period of time process sssd-be tends to run out of system resources, hitting the maximum number of open files. Ticket has been cloned to Bugzilla: My wild guess is that it is somehow also related to the ticket I reported earlier – regarding AD service discovery issues. Would it be possible that if connection to AD DC times out i. Using file descriptor [28] for LDAP connection.


Thu Oct 8 Hi, shall I file an official RH support request for this one? Using file descriptor [26] for LDAP connection. You wrote on sssd-users that you do not have a deterministic reproducer.

Could you try to simulate it with sending signals to sssd process. First attempt – yes, new FD leaked indeed. Using file descriptor [22] for LDAP connection. Ok, disabling dyndns seems to have helped a little bit, but not much. Powered by Pagure 5. Linked to Bugzilla bug: Please let me know when I can expect the fix in RH-6 repo. Added, this option to the domain section – did not help at least with 1.

Not sure where the permission problem comes from. It would be good to know whether it causes FD leaks. I have a suspicion it’s somehow related to moving from online to offline status. Could you try to test packages from following URL? Looks like these are some strange sockets left behind. There are few patches which are only in 1. See the log file attached.

Pfam: Fe_bilin_red

Learn more about these different git repos. RH support case opened for this. It helped for me. I can see 05-172 problems with resolving dnf records: Service resolving timeout reached. I can also see many problems related to nsupdate.

I might have captured the previous log froma diskless machine. Because issues with network needn’t cause fd leaks. I’m still not able to reproduce it.


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Seem like I have been right, it is closely related to the issue I reported before i. I have a WIP patch for this leak but I found out a workaround with changing timeouts in sssd.

Using file descriptor [27] for LDAP connection. The trouble still persists. Permission denied Tue Oct 6 If you do not need this feature. Hi, I have just restarted sssd and see new unidentified socket has been created shortly after daemon restart.

Fixed None by ondrejv2. Unable to change last modification time of krb5.

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Would it be possible for you to test 1. Using file descriptor [25] for LDAP connection. I will disable it next time so the logs are more readable. Tried, it fixed the problem, indeed. There might be some debug messages which could help to reveal the bug.

Metadata Update from ondrejv2: After some time of analysis, I can see a FD leaks in log files. It turns out it leaves behind lots of not properly closed sockets: