This saver pack includes a FHT 80b Wall Thermostat and a FHT 80b Valve Actuator – the combination needed to customize a room’s weekly heating schedule. An affordable alternative to control you house heating from your mobile phone. Our solution enable the simple replacement of exiting thermostat heads with. 4. Nov. Does anyone know how a FHT 80B copes with this? I mean, it also has a weekly schedule to set desired temperatures and the desired times.

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I wonder if I perhaps should look at zwave. Any help for me? I’m also not sure if this has advantages or disadvantages To post to this group, send email to fhem-users googlegroups. The size of the slot depends: Through the WS fhem can receive the signals of the WS family.

Von Akio im Forum Allgemeine Diskussion. What heating algorithm does a FHT 80B use. That way one could easily see if there is any ‘intelligence’ present in the FHT80B. Strangely, if the communication aborts which happens quite oftenthen further slots in the buffer are allocated, I am not sure what happens if the buffer is full and the communication aborts. Or does IP-Symcon have software modules for this? Best regards, Olaf On 28 Mai, If you know a cheaper place to buy sets, don’t hesitate to let me know I’m wondering which is best for the valves Von pbrand im Forum General Discussion.


I noticed IR controllers, V dimmers, audio controllers As fas as i know it does not have such an advaced logic.

This is not optimal, as the FHT only accepts a command, when the final ack for the whole chain was sent. Instead they will simply start regulating towards that temperature when the corresponding time 800b begins.

It appears they are compatible with FS20? What do you think? I can not seem to find this sort of technical data anywhere on the internet. Does anyone know how a FHT 80B copes with this?

Funk-Raumregler FHT 80b

Actual temperature will be logged, etc Ergebnis 1 bis 10 von Themen-Optionen Druckbare Version zeigen. Anyway, yes, fhem can handle the FHT80b, however, since the fht80b is a wireless device and doesn’t have a serial port or anything like thatyou will also need either a CUL device from busware or an FHZPC or FHZPC where the later one can also receive data from some additional devices like the KS weather station.

I mean, it also has a weekly schedule to set desired temperatures and the desired times. I know they intend to get everything working that works with a FHZ and moreI’m just not sure how far they got yet. This is true even if the softbuffer is on. It is a Siemens alarm don’t remember exact type right nowand it appears to endorse X10 of some kind and possibly also simple serial communication via optional module.

Accessories and equipment

The ventilation system only has 4 settings: I wonder how people who use these devices control their heating then? I can prove your problem: FHEM is capable of gestioning all, so I guess it’s up to ght the right hardware now.


Since there will be magnetic triggers on every window, I would like to have both systems communicate with each other in a sense that the fyt system indicates which window is open, contradictory to Conrad wireless system to detect open doors and windows. FS20 is my first step in Home Automation so I don’t have anything from other providers yet.

I kind of hope to place Fhy in the middle to interpret security signals. Es ist jetzt What would be the successor then? But is it also smart in knowing that it should start earlier with heating because it takes time to warm the house?

I consider an extension of the FHT.

Bitte einloggen oder registrieren. I’ll try to describe more clearly 08b I would like to do: But FHT80B’s main purpose is to control the room temperature using the radiator and is not usable as stand alone temperature sensor.

I noticed some discussions that talk about the “IST” temperature 880b an idea how long the lifespan is of such a heating system?

Marketing, Verwaltung Bitte keine unaufgeforderten privaten Nachrichten! Do they set the time slot for In order of importance: I only known the FHT family.