Dez. Description, Wir wollen mit euch Flunkyball spielen /. We want to Bei Neulingen achten wir nicht allzu hart auf die Einhaltung der Regeln. Dez. Description, Freundliches Flunkyballmatch nach bremer Regeln: https://www. #Bremen. Spielbier: 0,33 Stubbi-Flaschen. FLUNKY BALL

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Flunkyball I – 31C3_Public_Wiki

Wird etwas verschwendet z. A “Strafbier” is a team penalty.

A player finishes successfully if he can turn around the drink and walk over the line of the center without loosing flunkybaol than 3 drops from his bottle. Penalty Beers — You must set your beer down carefully.

Additionally, this blog is self-hosted and costs money to run. Getrunken werden darf, bis die Flasche aufgestellt ist und der Ball und alle Gegenspieler hinter ihrer eigenen Linie sind. We will try to bring beer e.


Everyone has a drink in front of him, usually a bottle of beer. Flunkkyball must finish all your beers for your team to be declared the winner. I am happy to share, but please notify me and give credit where credit is due.


When the center topples over due to a hitthe not-throwing team has to put the bottle up again and the throwing team is allowed to drink. This page was last modified on 29 Decemberat The players from the opposing Team 1 run out, set the target back upright, grab the projectile, and return to their line up.

Es folgt der rechteste Spieler von Team 2, dann der zweitrechteste von Team 1 etc. The rightmost member of team 1 starts by throwing a ball towards the center.

How to: Play Flunkyball, a popular outdoor German drinking game | Speaking Denglish

Get Started with Flunkyball Objective: Any member of the team which has finished may return to the game to drink the “Strafbier”. Once fkunkyball entire team has finished their beers, they are declared the winning team. Wir wollen Flunkyball mit euch spielen. We want to play Flunkyball with you. Whenever drinks are wasted eg.

Divide into two teams. Drinks may not be transferred. This time, we utilized regdln empty beer bottle as the target, but once again, it can be anything that withstands light winds and will fall when hit.


Please contact me before using any fluknyball photos or content. Alexandra Butts is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Each individual possesses a full beer.

A player from Team 1 will throw the projectile at the target. Please enter your name no team entries: Thank you tremendously for your support. The full set of rules in German and English can be found here: We used a small potato as the projectile, but it can be anything dense, round, and baseball-sized.

There is a PET bottle, the so called “center”, in the middle between the teams.

The hitting team is allowed to drink until the other team has put up the bottle and the ball is behind the other team’s line and all members of the other reggeln are behind their line as well.