The optional comment is not displayed, but can be useful for internal documentation or script parsing of menu files. [nop] (label). Insert a non- operational. Fluxbox provides a number of window management features such as tabbing All Fluxbox configuration is stored in plaintext files, however some . Content is available under GNU Free Documentation License or later. Some information on the Fluxbox window manager. Contents Fluxbox themes; Debian-based Fluxbox Distros . Fluxbox documentation.

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Fluxbox comes with a very weak set of default keysets. For an example of this: It is a tiny extension for vim and is highly recommended if Fluxbox documentaion to be configured at all. This tedious task should not have to be performed. Colors, gradients, borders, and several other basic appearance attributes can be specified; recent versions of Fluxbox support rounded corners and graphical elements.

Of course this system-wide menu can be customized for all users at once, but it is also possible to create an individual menu file for each user. Next is a submenu which is defined using the [submenu] tag, and after that a section called “More terminals”, with two more [exec] commands.

fluxbox-style(5) Manual Page

Installing iDesk is as simple as:. Users wishing to install the absolute minimum should first consult the Low Memory Systems wikipage for instructions.


The two windows will appear to merge into a single window, with two title tabs. This inserts a menu item to set the wallpaper for each file in the given directory.


It must be in. When applications are run in the slit they have no window borders of their own; instead they are framed in the slit, and they are always visible in the current workspace.

But not like an icon, more like small controls on a walkman for example as opposed to a big dial face of a home stereo. The following resources might be useful in order to configure iDesk: Styles, sometimes referred to as Themes, are a graphical overlay for the fluxbox 1 window manager. If it cannot find it, the system default menu is used in its place.

This option is most commonly used with gradiented textures, but it also works in solid textures. A blank desktop with a toolbar at the bottom should be visible.

There are, as of this writing, no exploits fluxobx the author is aware of for the current version, but if one is concerned, then do not use X11 at all or use the above method with screen. This tells fluxbox that it is at the end of a menu. For example you can set your music player to another workspace, getting its window out of your way.

Fluxbox also supports user created keyboard shortcuts. It aims to be lightweight and highly customizable, with only minimal support for graphical icons, and only basic interface style capabilities. A fluxboz description consists of up to five fields, which are as follows:.


You can click button 3 on the edge of the slit window to get a menu to configure its position, whether the applications it contains should be grouped horizontally or vertically and whether the slit should hide itself when the mouse moves away. This can either be a [submenu] or the [begin] tag of the main root menu. To set the shadow effect:.

FluxBox – Debian Wiki

Win-key Control control key Shift shift key. Inserts a command item into the menu. If this sounds appealing, please skip this section and proceed to Editing Menus by Hand. Note, however, that with this setup there are some issues caused by overlapping feature sets.

Fluxbox – Community Help Wiki

The only way to prevent this is to either background X11 or run it in screendetach the screen session, then logout of the console. From there X applications can be started, or a terminal can be opened run console programs.

Fluxbox itself does not provide such a program, but, as always, flubox is simple to acquire.