The Persecutor (alternatively titled Forgive Me Natasha or Sergei; known as El Esbirro in Spanish) is the autobiography of Sergei Kourdakov. It details his early . Forgive Me, Natasha by Sergei Kourdakov, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. According to Wikipedia, the book was translated into at least fourteen different languages, sometimes titled, Forgive me, Natasha. Millions of.

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I remember watching a documentary on some prominent Christian evangelists, one of them was Reinhard Bonnke and the other one was Benny Hinn, there were probably two more figures I mourdakov. But he could not quell the growing doubts that these quiet, unassuming folks really posed a legitimate threat to the power-structure.

I separated each of these interviews into smaller video segments so that I could watch them closely and in slow motion. You are commenting using your Facebook account. He also went to a church in Toronto which was always open for prayer, where he stayed fprgive two days only praying and drinking water.

Forgive Me, Natasha by Kourdakov, Sergei

Feb 11, Lori rated it really liked it. This documentary is doing a huge service to the church. I have read bad comic-books that read better than this On September 3,around 10 pm, Kourdakov plunged into Canadian waters.


Interview 4 — Yuri Berestennikov. I was the center of attention and though I couldn’t understand their language, I understood that not too many Russian seaman come to Prince Rupert!

The Persecutor

I remember being glued to the book, wondering what was going to happen next. The fact that this book gives the perspective of the one who is persecuting instead of the one being persecuted was so fascinating to me. It was terrible writing, maybe forgjve English was this guy’s second language. June 21, at 2: During this time he began to display many rapid eye blinks, suggesting stress.

Sergei Kourdakov and the Quest for Truth

The constant action jourdakov wonder keep the reader wanting to come back. I will never forget you Sergei, thank you for sharing with us this wonderful book of your life. Found it again, by accident, last year My parents saw Sergei speak in Revelstoke, British Columbia, in the summer of Forgive me, Sergei was natadha hard film for many to watch. He then had indicated that he would strike him with the papers of the book and ask him why he lied.

I have just today finished reading the book The Persecutor, and watching the documentary Forgive me Sergei, and the truth is not apparent to me. In Kourdakob was instantly healed by the power of God. After soliciting biography recommendations from my friends, this is one of the first that I was able to get my hands on thanks to the generous loan from the referrer!


Run-of-the-mill murderers and thieves were nothing. If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted.

I am however saddened to see these debates as to the authenticity of his story. Samokhin displayed body language which raised red flags.

God knows the truth. Everyone who left a comment about Sergei Kourdakov, positive or negative, convinced me I needed forgivr tell the story that I kept close to my heart for more than forty years. That;s our great enemy.

He briefly moved his hand away, but as the camera cut away from natasba, he can be seen moving his right hand back toward his mouth. It is raw with emotion and shows a side of Sergei that probably only a few ever saw. This has been very interesting reading for me…the article and the comments…. He told us his life was in danger yet he had a message for us.

Walker admitted that she began with an agenda: