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Thus the Plasma becomes more “homogenized” with atmospheric air, causing a well-blended fuel for final delivery. Exhaust 18a transfers its thermal energy to alternate fuel 60 and also provides a carrier stream for the volatilized products of alternate fuel 60 so that this combination becomes volatilized alternate fuel 66 which is then drawn into intake As a result, when the molecules bounce against the surface of the pipes, they experience a strong magnetic field of several Tesla.

Using a steady self generated magnetic field one does not have the problem of random Plasma clusters, as every molecule is held as a constant potential contributor to the demand and the demand controls the field which stabilizes itself within a specific ratio. InI approached the small engine manufacturers in an effort to gain knowledge and technical support. In simple definition, the GEET Fuel Processor could be called a new type of carburetor with a miniature refinery built in.

With the proper team of open minded scientists, this technology should be easily understood. Many attempts to use the external electrical mechanical devices to enhance the production of Plasma in the GEET Fuel Processor have all failed to show any promise, such as the Plasmatron.

There will be a large number of reports dating back to that the inventor was not ready to release until he felt the timing was right. The basic configuration remains the same for any retrofit conversion to engines.

Remove the mower blade and replace with a 12″ diameter steel disk flywheel of the same thickness as the blade for safety. A novel fuel pretreater apparatus and method for pretreating an alternate fuel to render it usable as the fuel source for fuel burning equipment such as internal combustion engines, furnaces, boilers, and turbines, construcion a volatilization chamber into which the alternate fuel is received.

Now it’s time to start on the bubbler. At this point it should be noted also that valve 84 is partially closed in order to create a partial vacuum in pretreated fuel line 53, which means that a partial vacuum will also be created in intake The volatilized alternate fuel passes through this annular space where teet is subjected to thermal pretreatment prior to construcyion introduced into the intake system of the fuel burning equipment.


Now we should also explaain that a small unit, such as a 10 hp engine can be used as a “servant” to produce fuel to be used by an un-modified larger engine or furnace, by adapting pumps and only modifiying the air intake only. Furthermore, less extraneous equipment is used to produce and control the plasma.

A reactor rod 54 is mounted concentrically in spaced relationship reactir reactor tube 52 to provide an annular space or reaction chamber The thermal pretreater reaxtor as a reactor and is configured as a reactor tube having a reactor rod mounted, preferably concentrically, therein with a reduced annular space surrounding the rod.

Pantone has invited an amazing energy device or engine with potential as yet unheard of.

GEET Reactor Construction Details – Vídeo Dailymotion

Specialized parts reaction chambers, air management valves, etc are now available for purchase for people unable to make their own parts and will come in 4 sizes to retrofit most cars, detxils, etc.

Have fun with it and let us know how it works out! Make sure to paint all external pipes and connectors with High Temperature Grill Paint or they will rust very quickly. We are expending every effort to make this unit available to Ford Pinto owners with the Engine within the next 30 days.

A number is also being considered if needed for technical support for the free plans. Others are magnified by moisture and radiate beet an energy field which is edtails as colored light.

The corresponding magnetically polarized gas is called a Magnegas TM. This is quite simple but requires some very expensive equipment for analysis of the final exhaust for the average mechanic. Such other means, however, should be arranged to provide similar heating and heat gradients as are provided by the exhaust gas. As such, I am able to ddtails several highly desirable goals, namely, the reactof of valuable energy from alternate fuel while at the same time removing alternate fuel from the waste stream; or, in the case of crude oil, using this material directly thereby eliminating the need to subject the same to the expensive and capital intensive refining processes.

He feels the timing is now right and these will be posted as soon as possible. Since the energy field which is radial and longitudinal, as well as self generated and constant, we may assume that the current-voltage characteristic of the GEET plasma field is a pulsating direct current. Thus, the position of the exhaust conduit along the central portion of the reactor 50 reached temperatures higher than would be expected from the temperature of the other position of the pipe.


The reaction chamber provides a heated reaction zone with a reaction rod therein about which the fuel flows. In addition, one would not consider using such fuels if contaminated by water, nor would one consider using nonfuels such as used battery acid or other waste products as fuels for fuel burning equipment.

For most gdet, there should be quite a significant improvement in efficiency from the recycling of the unburnt fuel alone. Similar dimensions have been found satisfactory for use with single cylinder engines such as those having up to about fifteen horsepower.

To increase the amount of carbon dioxide dissolved, the pressure should be maximal and the water circulated. The beauty of this design is that it can be reconfigured in minutes.

Steady state operation of internal combustion engine 20 involves exhaust 18 contributing thermal energy to reactor A few test engines have been tested in cars. Note also that the Magnegas produced in “Hadronic Reactors” is unsuitable for two-strokes, as these require a liquid fuel into which the lubricating oil is mixed. All the current studied Plasma generators, basically share a design and operational feature in that they attempt to PUSH construftion Plasma chamber.

Volatilization chamber 12 is enclosed in an exhaust plenum 17 through which a stream of exhaust 18 passes.

GEET Reactor Construction Details

Also, such fuels having some water content have also been used. If anyone has a machine shop that would like to do this for others, contact GEET. Such field is caused in part by the chamber beginning before and after the Field zone.

Lighter fuels, such as gasoline, work with the larger spacing between the reaction rod and reaction tube wall and the shorter rod while the smaller spacing and longer length may be required for heavier fuels such as crude oil since the heavier fuels generally require more heating and velocity through the reaction zone.