GENCON is a standard voyage charter party. It is a general purpose agreement for the services of a ship in exchange for freight and can be used in a variety of. Gencon, Charter Party, Chartering agreement. and particularly known also as “ Gencon ”. Gencon, first issued in and revised in and The GENCON (General Charter Conditions) charter party is the most common Due to this same reason, Owners usually prefer to go with the Gencon 94 form.

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A misconception is that well known ports, frequently called, are safe.

Follow us on social media. Also during loading and unloading a lot can go wrong resulting in a serious damage, and albeit caused by the stevedores, the charterers will be held liable. Additional boxes which have been inserted in Gencon 94 refer to: And your quotation and your documentation will be with you within 24 working hours, or even the chatter day.

Contact our cgarter in Rotterdam or in Hong Kong. As mentioned earlier, Gencon is the most used voyage charter party worldwide.

However, the impact can be enormous and can have a devastating effect on your balance sheet or prevents you from trading if your credit lines are blocked.

This article is written by Lucien Lesuis. Gencon 94 removes any such limitation and the parties gncon claim any and all damages they may have.

Another clause which is extended in Gencon 94 is the lien clause which now includes also the lien on sub-freights to cover the cases the vessel is chartter. Therefore, Charterers are now ultimately responsible for loading, stowing, trimming and discharge of the cargo. We have a dedicated team of specialists who have proven track record and a long-standing experience and reputation in Charterers Liability. General average clause has also been updated to include the place of GA adjustment London unless otherwise agreed chatrer basis the updated York-Antwerp Rules Part II has more serious revisions: Dry cargo vessels 8 Tankers 3 Gas carriers 1 Ferries 1 Offshore vessels 2.


Serious things can go wrong but fortunately the frequency of serious claims is low. Tanker barges Parhy cargo barges Hopper barges Barge with ramp Sea non-selfpropelled barges Deck barges.

Whilst some completely new clauses have been incorporated into the Gencon 94, only one clause of Gencon 76 has been deleted, i. Gencon 94 vs Gencon 76 — Differences in Part I Since the Gencon 94 is a revision of Gencon 76, in order to see their differences one needs to focus on the amendments incorporated with the revision.

Voyage charters Dry cargoes 34 Liquid cargoes 4 Gases 2.

The Risk of GENCON

Therefore, which of the two charter parties will be chartef is usually a point of negotiation between the parties. Sign up for new offers Name. But right now OpenSea helps easily find right cargo for right ship or vice versa and creates new level of transparency on the freight market. P E charterama charterama.

The main Gencon forms which may create a dispute

Once in and one more time in The most frequent claims are damage to hull and cargo claims, however, third party liability like personal injury or worse and pollution are also real risks; exposures, which can run into millions of dollars.


This simple abbreviation mostly used in boxes 10 and 11 in for example the Gencon 94 Charter Party pargy charterers responsible for the safety of the port.

With our experience in the shipping industry, on board ships, in ship operation or in commodity trade, you benefit from our hands-on and pro-active mentality and approach. Dry cargo vessels Tankers Gas carriers Ferries Offshore vessels. Ship chartering is easy with us Just place your open inquiries and find suitable positions. Clause 12 of Gencon 76 limits the indemnity for non performance of the charter party up to the amount of estimated freight.

With this change, the clause is less wide and the chances for a strike or lock-out to fall within this generic exclusion are definitely less than in Gencon Subscribe to our blog articles Analytics, inspiration and fresh ideas for ship chartering community. On the other hand, Charterers would definitely prefer payment closest to the delivery of the cargo rather than upon its shipment as it is the case in Gencon