Program Manual PABX LG GHX 1. TRUNK GROUP / PEMBAGIAN GROUP * FLASH30 CO LINE yang kita jadikan satu Group. 1 ○ GHX KEY TELEPHONE SYSTEM / SLT User Guide GHXA//36/46 SLT User Guide for GHX System Call Forward ○ Lift handset. ○ Dial 7 5 4. GHXA/ HYBRID KEY TELEPHONE SYSTEM SECTION 6. FEATURE DESCRIPTION NUMBERING PLAN Numbering Plan for.

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Absent, 6116 at clk xx: Dial 6-digit station range whose passwords are to be erased. Dial the 2 digits initialization code. Enter 2 digits on the numeric keypad. On the 29 character printout the dial digit field and account code field will have no header. Through the assignment of Class of Service COS many combinations of allow and deny numbers can be set.

It is your primary link to your business More information. If you wish to save a number during CO conversation: WhenThis is necessary to observe the following limitations:. Deny Table A Flash 50, Button 3: Queuing If you access a busy line, you may request the system to place you on hold until the next line becomes idle.

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Before installing the MFU, turn off the power of system. Are you a Lands Phone Expert? The email address entered is already associated to an account. If these changes should affect the ghs of GHXA or compatibility with the network, the serving telephone company must give written notice to the user to allow uninterrupted service. On a LCD you will see this display: The messages are limited to 24 characters including spaces.


Keyset Account Code Enter Button assignment only: Flash 23, Button 1, 2 2.

Index of /FOTO/GHX

Registration Forgot your password? CO line is put on an exclusive hold and music is provided to the held party. Please read this manual before connecting the Advanced Hybrid System. To 166 an entry, enter pound signs three times. Dial the number you wish to save with dial pad. The user presses the DSS button and the station associated is signaled.

Index of /FOTO/GHX

Plug the telephone handset cord into the 6116 adapter box where indicated by the headset manu-facturer s instructions. In case of 2 fractional parts: Dial 6 digits to specify your desired stations. Preset Call Forward The system may be programmed so that incoming CO lines, which are programmed to ring a particular station, can be forwarded to another station predetermined in programming ghhx the original station does not answer.

The features More information. A station can be denied this feature through programming. Connecting the battery is in strict accordance with the polarity. Operation To program your name; Keyset 1.

Hi, i need a user manual for lg ghx hybrid pabx system – Fixya

Only CO lines for which the attendant has direct appearances can be disabled for outgoing access. Before installing the system unit Draw two holes. Program Relay Control Conditions 1.

Mounting block KSU carried out by four screws. By pressing inward on the recessing tab, the assembly will open. Carefully check that the pipe does not contain insulated joints that could isolate the ground path. Out Of Office – Back Tom 0 6616 Iffailure to comply with this requirement, the telephone company has the right to terminateservice. Preset Call Forward The system may be programmed so that incoming CO lines, which are programmed to ring a particular station, can be forwarded to another station predetermined in programming if the original station does not answer.


We bring good things to life. Determines whether illegal dial is to be prevented or not.

Used to insert a pause when storing a telephone More information. If not answered, the associated timer continues and upon expiration again the attendant station will ring. First the button clear position anfter press hold reset 20sec it will reset after turn off PABX move the button to open position and strat the PABX Please let me know this is helpful. After hearing the page announcement, go to the nearest telephone and dial Meet Me Page code ” ” 7 in GHXthen you will be connected to paging party.

If exiting cabling is to be employed, the fhx of existing cabling and conduits should be considered. Press button in GHX Flash 22, Button 1: To make change, dial 1 digit Screened transfers with announcement or unscreened transfers without announcement can be made. If privacy is disabled and a station will hear an alert tone. Allowed only if you are the initiator of the conference. Dial Memo Button assignment only 6. No ‘0’ as the first digit.