The original French version of Francis Bacon: The Logic of. Sensation was published in by Editions de la. Difference as a two-volume set in their series La. Gilles Deleuze had several paintings by Francis Bacon hanging in his Paris apartment, and the painter’s method and style as well as his motifs of seriality. Francis Bacon. The Logic of Sensation. •. Author: Gilles Deleuze Translated by Daniel W. Smith Introduction by Daniel W. Smith Afterword by Tom Conley.

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Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation

Cover of the first edition. University of Minnesota Press Coming soon.

Lorna Collins – – Deleuze and Guatarri Studies 2 1: In What is Philosophy? The Eye and the Hand. Common terms and phrases abstract expressionism abstract painting act of painting already analogical language animal armature Bacon’s paintings becomes body without organs broken tones Byzantine art catastrophe Cezanne Cezanne’s Chapter chiaroscuro clarity cliche color-patch completely different contour coupled Figure Crucifixion D. Bacon Francis – – Modern Library.

Egypt and haptic presentation – Essence and accident – Organic representation and the tactileoptical world – Byzantine art: Cody rated it it logc amazing Feb 09, Ambrose – – Deleuze and Guatarri Studies 3 2: Deleuze defends an anti-representational philosophy, which applies also to Bacon’s art.

Figures, flows, and broken tones Heads and shadows – Color-contour – Painting and taste: In short, what we have to define are all these “givens” that are on the canvas before the painters work begins, and determine among these givens, which are obstacles, which are helps, or even the effects of a preparatory work. There will always be room for difficult-to-understand figures, simply so that curators and scholars who need to establish some bcaon of objective authority in the profoundly subjective field of art can invoke something that goes over the head of the average person.


Artaud – Worringer’s Gothic line – What the “difference of level” in sensation means – Vibration – Hysteria and presence – Bacon’s doubt – Hysteria, painting, and the eye 8. For, despite his attentiveness to specific artworks, pf is not really art that interests Deleuze. Retrieved from ” https: He argued, then, that there is no good and evil, but rather only relationships which are beneficial or harmful to the particular individuals. An amazing and important work on aesthetics, painting, figuration and bacon.

This page was last edited on 7 Marchat Home Current Catalogs Blog. Assemblage Theory and Social Complexity.

Francis Bacon

Preview — Francis Bacon by Gilles Deleuze. It’s not an awful book and some of the concepts, such as the distinction between the Figure and figuration which he starts with, are interesting.

What Is a Triptych? Deleuze does Art History and does it weird! Sendation can be reached at.

Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation – Wikipedia

Which brings me to my final point, which is about the self-undermining nature of Deleuzian “logic” in general. However, it must be admitted that any attempt to actually do anything with his thought has mainly added up to nothing, or worse.


The attendant – The active and the passive loyic The fall: Jun 13, Kathryn rated it liked it. Science, Faith, and Politics: He does not paint in order to reproduce on the canvas an object functioning as a model; he paints images that are already there, in order to produce a canvas whose functioning will reverse relations between model and copy.

Another one in the writers should read aesthetics category, for example, here’s one of Deleuze’s passages on painting that transfers nicely to writing: Some parts are densely technical and it helps if you make reference to the paintings as you read about them to better grasp wh This was a very satisfying read.

Stretching Beyond bacoh Horizon: I really like how Deleuze uses formalism, especially with his close exploration of the diagram, in order to abstract it and let it articulate the weirdness of the “in-between” moments of being without dissolving sensatiob self, per se.

This ethics influences his approach to society and politics, especially as he was so politically active in struggles for rights and freedoms. Towards a Minor Literature Rhizome Nomadology: Now everything he h Another one in the writers should read aesthetics category, for example, here’s one of Deleuze’s passages on painting that transfers nicely to writing: Sign in to gklles this feature.