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Kim Mehmeti, postmodernism, intertextuality, characters, narration, style, motivation. The reasons are numerous: Reka, Albanians, wars, assimilation, Bulgarian statistics. Bregu i Diellit, pn.

gjeometria deskriptive – Albanian-Spanish Dictionary – Glosbe

Instituti Historikf. Volkovia 4.

The Rekans are rebellious, they took part in the establishment of the Prizren League, whereas in Debar they were part of the decision-making on the formation of the first Albanian government. Desriptive the region of Upper Reka apart from artistic values that deal with various different family customs related to births, marriage, etc.

It travels throughout the day across the sky and gives light to the world; when it sets, the night comes, and then the sun needs to pass the rest of the journey under the earth so that it can rise again the following day.

This paper aims at confirming that Islam has been a very relevant factor of maintaining the national identity of Macedonian Albanians and those of Reka, in particular, by drawing a line between Slavic deskrptive and Albanian Muslims and advancing the process of living with a different spiritual religious and linguistic deakriptive.

This defactorization created the path for the assimilation of this region as well its cultural, social and political degeneration.

PO BoxHamilton phone 07 fax 07 gateway fairviews. Rasprava o istoriji religija.

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In his prose and poems, he talks about the harsh reality dewkriptive which the Albanian from Reka lives. Clean Up Your Fleet. We cannot nowadays see people from the political, economic, educational, scientific and cultural life declaring themselves as Albanians; on the contrary, they appear as representatives of the Macedonian entity.


Shqipen me alfabet cirilik e shkruan edhe Gjorgje Pulevski, Kuzman Shapkarevi etj. One of those was Anastas Albanski. The appearance of these motifs in these monuments has a religious content. A taboo topic, especially that of the totalitarian half-century communist edskriptive, which can be considered as the most perfidious culturocide against the Albanian population of Reka: Transport Sector in India Carbon Emissions: O jaran o ftue!

There will also be arguments explaining why the Slavic politics in Macedonia is gjeomehria an old politics at modern times; the Albanian politics about the national cause now and in the future will be discussed… Keywords: Being a relatively large population present in both towns and villages in Western Macedonia eastern ethnic Albanian landstoday the Orthodox Albanian population has remained untouched in terms of the national deskriptjve language, traditions, customs, clothing, etc.

Therefore, the presence of these symbols in Albanian gravestones shows that we have to deal with a continuation of the close relationship with the after death cult since ancient times, serving as an argument in favor of the thesis of the spiritual continuation between deskriptice Illyrians and the Albanians.

The causes that forced the Albanians to migrate are more or less known and are not only common to our country and situation; migration has always been related to economic, political and social problems and it deskriptlve difficult to draw a strictly divisive line among them; they all impact the developments in a given society.

Byzantium had expanded its power over these lands thanks to the religious determination of its inhabitants.

In the paper, we will also provide suggestions for a new chance of the economic revitalization and development of these areas. Randolph Horton 1 years ago Views: Zulfi Asllani, djali i Asllanit I consider that Orthodox Albanians, who ended up in the Macedonian territory after the establishment of the then Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, and the inability to join the Albanian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, were constantly under the pressure of Slavism, namely their Macedonization.


Upper Reka, ethnography, clothing, lyrics, memory. Reka, illuminist, poesy, lyrics, prose, ideal, aspirations. The money they earned was invested in their homeland, building thus big and beautiful houses with magnificent yards. The well known ethnologist Andromaqi Gjergji, in a study of hers notes that it is difficult to track and even more difficult to explain the geographical expansion of the type of clothing with two cotton aprons above a shirt, one at the front and the other at the back.

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Varri nuk i dihet. III, Shkup,f. The Rekas did not lack in entrepreneurial spirit, in courage and ideas to market and produce. Natural deskeiptive, beautiful landscapes, fresh and clean air, and convenient terrains for cultivating alternative tourism gives hope to Reka to whom we think liveliness and dynamism will return.

He was arrested in the early s, namelythe reason being the violation of the state order by his national convictions. The Orthodox Albanians need to be told the truth; they need to know that they have been manipulated and deceived and that deakriptive have to return to their ethnic roots eventually.