Gomukhasana is one of the most common yogic pose practiced by the people all over the world. The name gomukhasana is derived from the. In Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose), the name comes from the Sanskrit words Gow meaning Cow and Mukha meaning Face or Mouth. The word Go also means. Get more information about the Gomukhasana that is known for various health benefits at Find complete details about Gomukhasana .

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This yoga pose with the forward stretch of the entire upper body will bring the muscles to relax completely. I am just delivering the item to a couple of good friends. I invite you to chant OM with me as we practice Avahana Mudra. Your email address will not be published. Sign-up to view all 20 variations of Gomukhasana and create your own library of yoga poses to easily and quickly plan your yoga sequences.

Working on the weaker side of the body is important in order to bring the balance between both sides and Gomukhasana is one asana which can help to improve this balance. Sciatica is a very common disorder nowadays and it is mainly a very common problem for women. Steps to practice Gomukhasana Cow Face Pose.

Relax the body completely and go back into the pose again to get a better understanding of the pose and the posture. Helps in easing stiff shoulders as well as various backaches and pains. The Sanskrit name Gomukhasana is derived from three words, the first, Go which means Cow, the second, Mukha which means Face or Mouth and the third, Asana which means posture.

The guidance of the teacher is essential here. Practicing Cow Face Pose requires alignment as the balance between both sides of the body is essential. This mudra is a pwerful devotiona Exhale – press the left thigh squeezing the inner thigh muscles. Any kind of hip problems or injury at the knee, hamstring, and quadricep should be avoided. Spread remaining fingers and rest palms in lap palms up.


Here seated with the legs folded at the knees and feet in Namaste, hold the feet with your hands and as you inhale stretch the spine upwards and while exhaling bring the knees close to the floor feeling the stretch at the inner thighs and outer thighs close to the hip. Your right arm should be bent above your head and taken over your right shoulder, and placed at the back too. This works in opening the limb at the knee while in the pose pushing of the knee towards the ground is worked at.

Deep stretch at the abdominal area also burns the unnecessary fat at the tummy area and To get around this issue, everything you need to do is to utilize a collapsed blanket to raise your sitting bones off the ground.


gomukhxsana Relax by stretching the legs out in front of you and bring the arms down besides you. Practicing Samputa Mudra detoxes our bodies and provides emotional balance and stress reduction.

Continue reading more on Gomukhasana Benefits. The shoulders and the chest expand gomuhkasana making the upper spine strong and erect. Stay healthy stay strong and get the best out of life. Baddha Konasana Bound Angle Pose: Right elbow goes up behind, Left hand goes down gomukuasana. Bending it take the left palm and place it behind you close to the shoulder blade. The Benefits Works for people who have flexibility issues with their backs. Accordingly, those having a tight shoulder may discover this posture troublesome at the beginning; in any case, as they proceed, with their practice, they are likely to get great profits.

Gomukhasana Yoga (Cow Face Pose)- How To Do And Benefits | Styles At Life

Using of a block placed below and seated on benffits will help in bringing the knees close to the floor thus giving room for the overlapping of the thighs easier. Below are some common variations of the yoga pose Gomukhasana gomukasana base pose as Cow Face Pose Gomukhasana.

Sun Salutation Surya Namaskar: Play Sanskrit audio pronunciation for Gomukhasana Sorry, your browser does not support playing audio files. The right leg should be folded and placed on top of your left thigh.


Your left arm should be bent below the body and placed behind your back. In Gomukhasana, inhale and cross the legs taking the feet deep into the pose and completely exhale expanding the spine.

Sit on the floor legs extended and spine straight. The opening of the hips and the shoulders would be useful in practicing Gomukhasana Cow Face Poseand hence some of these yoga poses asanas are to be practiced in sequence to open the shoulders and the hips. Then bend the legs at the knee and bring the feet close to your shoulders. The magnificence of this yoga asana is that it particularly focuses on your hips and shoulders, which are the most susceptible regions for pain and distress.

This is a much needed workout for the organs and thus helps to protect your kidneys well. Back ache Shoulder pain Knee pain Hip pain. Numerous sexual ailments are also alleviated. Interlock the fingers and pull the chest out and the shoulder blades closer expanding the spine upwards. Given some benefits gomuihasana but for which a lot of practice is required.

Inhale again and bring the arms behind you and exhale taking the other arm from below holding on to the palms.

It is mainly because when you are performing this posture what happens is the core muscles gomukahsana the body get stretched and you get a lot of calmness though it might not feel so. It is said that this ailment is caused mainly due to non- movement of joints and muscles where chemicals are formed and thus causes the pain. The health benefits of Gomukhasana which one can experience gradually with regular practice are as follows: Any kind of neck and shoulder injury.

Keep the shoulders a Follow the same cues given in 6 to repeat with the other side.