Find the most up-to-date version of GOST at Engineering GOST , Pipeline valves. Leakage rates of valves. Title: Pipeline gate valves-rates of gates sealibility. Pages count: 6. Date of issue: Document status: WITHDRAWN Superseded by: GOST

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Gost 9544-2005 Rising Stem Gate Valve

Federal Official Statistics Service. Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Sanitary Norms and Regulations. Plastic-insulated multi-core installation cables. Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Russia. All Codes and Regulations. Piston and plunger pumps. We accept all major credit cards and bank wire transfers. Petroleum and petroleum products. Pressure, vacuum, and pressure difference sensors yost electrical analog output GSO signals.

GOST 9544-2015

Federal Insurance Inspection Service. Preparation of thermoplast test specimens. Federal Geodesy and Cartography Gosy. Additionally we provide FREE regulatory updates if, for instance, the document has a newer version at the date of purchase.


Design and dimensions GOST 8. SP Reinforced concrete structures in cold climates and on permafrost soils.

Federal Construction Housing and Utilities Agency. For items out of stock third party supply you will be notified as to which items will require additional time to fulfil.

Universe Translation Inc.

Federal Agency for State Property Management. Oilfield production wellhead gosst. Identification painting, warning signs, and marking panels. Russian National Electric Code. Pipelines for industrial facilities.

RG Technical Translations, LLC. – GOST

Gate valve seal classes and standards. Please enter your message! Pressure regulators for liquefied hydrocarbon gases at pressures up to 1. Test method of colour fastness to crocking Language: Please enter your email!

Organomineral mixtures and soils stabilized by organic binders for road and airfield construction. Standards for seal tightness. Certification documents GOST Federal Labor and Employment Service. Platforms and ladders for construction and installation work. Fost maintain a database of overnormative documents in English and other languages for the following 12 countries: Passenger and freight tost.


Pipeline fittings and parts. Packaging for engineering industry products.

Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology. Each document in English is verified against the original and official version.