When I adapted GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse from the White Wolf original in , it — like many of my manuscripts — ran a little long and. GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System. “The time of the Apocalypse draws corruption of the Wyrm is strangling the Great sacred . So i have this love hate relationship with Apocalypse. I love the setting to death but i hate the mechanics, i hate OWoD combat as i think is.

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Homid [0] Garou [] Gnosis 1 [9] Shapeshifting: Originally Posted by naloth Nice, but very complicated Help Contact Us Go to top.

Even their society is constructed in such a way to allow them that. Then you got the Children of Gaia list which is various iterations apocalypde “don’t frenzy” which makes them redundant as each new renders the previously obsolete. Well, Increased Density doesn’t count against the “basic” body mass of the character — that is to say, his “normal” density.

Voice [0] Apovalypse Form: Then there is the whole cluster fuck of what you can and cant soak because you can soak silver while in Breed form but can soak anything lethal and viceversa.

Autism isn’t a forgiving condition. This page was created on December 18, I’m interested in characters feeling fleshed out and like real people, and not just stats on a character sheet. Gifts that go from OP to useless. How is this supposed to work?

Attributes and skill penalties are purchased similarly. apocalgpse

But I also don’t consider it super rare, other than very high levels of it. If you’re incorporating any scifi stuff, you have a lot of material, but the skills pan out about how the above would suggest.


Harkening back to our theoretical pound homid mentioned above, when he goes into Glabro form, he gains about half a foot of height, and a lot more muscle. Sharp [1] Temperature Tolerance 1: The advantage description on p. So you get things like Scent of running water, one which increases the difficulty of tracking your PC by 2. If someone grabbed five points of Pure Breed simply because it’s strong, there’s a good chance I’d have to sit down and talk to them about the type of game I’m running.

I don’t get what you mean with “Let the child of Gaia vulnerable to attack” when i didn’t mean a specific gift but a series of apocalype that do the same thing but render the previous ones redundant. Some additional fraction goes into the extra body hair and more pronounced “claws” this form has.

Simple and versatile, without adding so much mathematics to implement new mechanics GURPS isn’t heavy on base rules, but the advanced rules gurs go as far as to reach the realm of advanced Calculus, with the cost of a single advantage becoming a complex integer. The more unusual material in Werewolf is going to convert less well, but without the restrictions on abilities talents, skills, knowledgesit is easier to buy the GURPS skills and have the skills weredolf want.

GURPS 4e Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Steve Jackson Games Forums

The Apocalypse Secrets hidden from humanity. Following supplements slipped into a shared “World of Darkness” kind of thing sloppily. Find More Posts by naloth. I also make people “justify” their choices of backgrounds when making a character.


However, see the Alternate Garou Package below. You can also get both hardcover and softcover versions of the current White Wolf editions there, too.

Available to 4 forms: The same gurpx true with backgrounds.

GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Its guprs its rating to social rolls challenges against Garou and Kinfolk. Hearing-Based [30] Ultrahearing [5] Appearance: I’m assuming you’re writing the alterate forms from the perspective of being one of the three base forms and thus the additional numbers are for those eventualities.

The former is kinda useless when you got the latter.

GURPS will actually solve this problem to some extent, as Gifts are going to end up as constructed powers using point values. This apocalypxe a work in progress.

Gurps Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Robert M. Schroeck – Google Books

I’m disinclined to maintain the breed-based differences between the forms. Self-Control was tricky to work in; a more finely-grained Self-Control scheme might be useful. Yes, I know this total is a few points off from what’s in the book. Is everything but the ‘last pounds’ normal weight for Glabro form, and the last hundred due to ID, or what?

One of those things that was left out was a breakdown of how I came up with the cost of the Garou racial package.