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I will state what H. Isak goes i A ten star book and a true masterpiece. Bad seasons didn’t distress him, as they would, IMO, any farmer, especially in days hamgre artificial methods of harvesting weren’t available – and there were so few of thoess bad seasons.

Geissler, the enigmatic manic-depressive who turns up from time to time, is the books most memorable character. View all 9 comments. Subjectivity is not autonomous and self-contained, but porous, pervaded by this background relationship to a world known and encountered only on a preverbal, perhaps even a precognitive level of experience.

The author clearly wanted to make the point that the soil is the source of true value, and that hard work consistently applied over many years was required to turn that inherent value into wealth. The author later became a fascist reactionary – highly critical of this modern lifestyle.

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Campbell Sports Center, en Nueva York. View all 24 comments. Has he experienced the anxiety, has he felt the excruciating pain and woe and screams? I’m descended from farmers, as far back as our genealogy can tell. It is quite impressive how so little yet so much seems to transpire in this relatively short novel pgs in the Penguin Classics edition and the vast length of time that goes by. This is could hmabre a great introduction to Hamsun, although I would recommed Hunger over this as it is more accessible.

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View all 12 comments. From there, at once, as if it is a crime hmbre make pleasure wait, you go straight to its first chapter.

Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun

Os frutos da terra, por outro lado, tinham de ser obtidos de qualquer maneira. The political stain of Hamsun’s later years does not take away from his narrative power, but it should be mentioned as part of who he was, and what he developed into. This unspoken preverbal relationship – the root of all knowledge and truth – comes forth in Hamsun’s novel, as the psychic umbilical cord of each character, the very breath of their life and vision.


It sounded like a familiar myth, someth At the beginning I enjoyed the ambitious, epic scope of the book and the compelling narrative. What kind of lullabies does she sing? But the odd thing is that she has to be alone at each birth and always ensures that Isak is not there.

However, his later identification with fascist Germany may also find an explanation in the worship of the Nordic, the fear of foreign influences, the focus on protecting national identity rather than accepting a range of new perspectives.

Unfortunately, the author Knut Hamsun in latter years fell out of favor with the literary world because of his support for the Nazis after the German invasion of Norway in He masterfully manipulates time, as it passes in spurts sometimes burning quickly through chunks of years or slowly moving through a season, yet the pace and flow never falters as Hamsun seems to evenly disperse his timeline.

Loved the steady tone, how the tense switches within paragraphs present tense for scenes, otherwise simple or continual past. Great setting, close to nature and a farmer as protagonist. To ask other readers questions about Growth of the Soilplease sign up. The novel, as an epistemic instrument, makes known and renders articulate hxmsun would otherwise slowly fade away in the inchoate latency of each impregnable individual hammsun.

There are, for example, two incidences of infanticides done by new mothers and I don’t know what the point was – that new mothers should not be left alone with babies?

Afterward, some beast or other, following the faint tracks over marsh and moorland, wearing them deeper; after these again some Lapp gained scent of the path, and took that way from field to field, looking to his reindeer. Everything is fine until the arrival of the third child, a girl. As much as a reader may want hambe come before a book with an open mind, there are always at least three barriers to an unadulterated read.

I grew up in this kind of place, too, and seen the tough self-reliance that these people value. Not everyone has knuut physical strength and soul consuming interest in building and growing and shiny tools to take the path Isak did and become rich in the process.

From Lieutenant Thomas Glahn’s Papersbut it certainly transcends most books. Potatoes and grain on one side, and rice on the other. She has a hairlip and there’s an old saying that if you are given a hare, well a hairlip is going to arrive.


Growth of the Soil

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The ending is beautifully written, if too romantic of the land for my tastes. Perhaps this is for good reason, as such experiences of hamsuun connection seem as unsharable as they are central to our subjective sense of ourselves.

But as I read I became increasingly uneasy with the way the omniscient narrator lines up all things male and agrarian with virtue and wisdom, while female and town are equated with vanity, shallowness and corruption.

The meanings by which we truly live, Hamsun poignantly suggests, lie buried inside. These encounters, these moments of utmost realization, by which we are built up in our innermost reserves of being are never shared among the characters. I am a Hamsun fan, though; I am not turned off at all!

A foreigner would be recognised immediately, in these remote woods. Want to Read saving…. Its perspectives, beyond a call for an ancient harmony between man and nature, of rural values, are surprisingly biting in some of the topics that still haunted the early 20th century: Any one book on a given topic notably, the never ending list of historical romances, fantasy and sci fi that often seem like botched photocopies of each other will reverberate past reading experience and often call for a comparison with another work.

Books by Knut Hamsun

The critical difference between one character and another – whether it be a difference in temperament, values, ideas, priorities, etc – is always traceable back to this difference in existential grounding, in the way each character stands in relation to the inscrutable face of the landscape.

Somewhere Rousseau is cheering. Trivia About Growth of the Soil. It gets my goat when all the life threatening dangers and complex issues of giving birth in rural areas are bundled off into sensationalist accounts of infanticide and demonized women with severely belittled arguments galore, while the insufferably proud and corrupt politician Geissler is turned into a glorified trickster god simply because he makes Isak happy.

His monologue near the end will echo within you for months to come and contains a message that is still timely today. The copy he gave me had once belonged to Norma M. Rich in symbolism, it continues to resonate with modern readers today.