HAMEG. OSCILLOSCOPE HM Specification. TLOPL HH4E. Vertical Deflection (Y). Bandwidth: of both channels. DC MHz (-3dB), DC MHz (- 6dB). OSCILLOSCOPE HM I Overscanning I Bandwidth DC MHz H Delayed Sweep H LPS Triggering to 40 MHz The HM demonstrates the. Hameg HM Oscilloscope problem. «on: January 16, , pm». Hey guys. The other day i went to the old stuff market and saw this oscilloscope.

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In this case, an appropriate high voltage capacitor ap- prox. However, a change of 1 cm is just permissible. In this mode the delay fine control can be operated and a displayed wave- -form should be shifted without any jitter, jumping or intermittent ha,eg. The control range for max- imum and minimum brightness intensity must be such that the beam just disappears before reaching the left hand stop of the “INTENS.

In so doing, the square pulses must have a flat top without ramp-off, spikes and glitches; no overshoot is permitted, especially at 1 MHz and a display height of cm. With direct connection to the vertical input signals up to 1 60Vpp may gm displayed.

If no video signal is available, the function of the “TV” button can be checked using mains or the built-in calibrator signal. However, in this higher frequency range the vertical display height on the screen is limited to approx. The power plug-in unit um the rear contains the mains fuse, which is interchangeable for the dif- ferent mains hajeg. The pre-amplifiers are electronically switched to the final vertical amplifier in either alternate or chop mode.

HAMEG hm Oszilloskop Oscilloscope | eBay

If only a dot appears Caution! It is strongly recommended that when the instrument needs to be returned that the original packing should be used to avoid possible transport damage. The same applies for the rear of the case on which the rear cover is put on. The fuse holder should then be plugged in again in the selected position.


Certainly the quality of the transmission performance is not only dependent on the measuring amplifier. HZ 37 Oscilloscope Probe x 1 00 The HZ 38 is a x 10 attenuator probe which has been specially designed for the investigation of relatively high frequency signals. The shape of the spot, whether round or oval or rectangular, must stay the same to the right and left of the optimum focus- ing point.

Nevertheless, this cannot be entirely avoided, even in fully serviceable in- struments. When one trace is shifted vertically across the entire screen, the position of the other trace must not vary by more than 0.

It should be noted that if voltages greater than V are applied to the HZ 30, HZ 36 and HZ 38 probes then serious damage to the probes and the oscilloscope input will occur. The “AC” position can be used for the investigation of most uncomplicated waveforms, while “DC” coupling pushbutton depressed is recommended when very low frequen- cy signals are being investigated.

Oszilloskop HM412-5

The mutual isolation be- tween the touchable metallic parts, the earthed con- tact, and the power contacts is tested at 1 Hameeg 50Hz. The display of simple electrical processes such as sinusoidal RF and AF signals or 50Hz ripple voltage poses no problems. Also the precise measure- ment for the delayed portion of the waveform is possible.

This mode is not suitable for the display of very low frequency signals, as the trace will appear to flicker or jump. However, when square or pulse- shaped signals are displayed it must be remembered that their harmonic content will also be transmitted. Trig, action; indicated by LED. If in this mode Channel I is inverted pushbutton “Invert I” depressedthen the difference between the two channels is displayed.

At lower sweep speeds far greater magnification is possible. Additionally, as already mentioned, for frequencies above 20MHz the dynamic range of the display hqmeg steadily decreases.


For cor- rect operation the probe must be terminated by hzmeg Megohm oscilloscope input resistance with DC coupling. This comment also applies to the ground leads on attenuator probes which ideally should be as short and as thick as possible. The instrument is designed so that even incorrect operation will not cause serious damage. Then the associated attenuator switch has to be set to a greater deflection coefficient. The manual supplied with each instrument covers the operating procedure, circuit diagrams, PCB layouts, test and service instructions are also included.

This earthed wire is only connected to the first protective winding of the power transformer. It is also important to note that the bandwidth of the X-amplifier is approximate- ly 2. However, the display of sections from simple signal waveforms is easily possible. Several precision measuring in- struments with cables and adapters are required, and only then should the pot’s and trimmers be 142 justed provided that the result of each adjustment can be exactly determined.

As noted before, the stabilized high voltage and the sup- ply voltage for the final stages approx. The following Test Instruc- tions indicate only those tests which can be perform- ed without the use of expensive ancillary in- struments. The carrying case is manufactured from hard wearing material, the base of the case has a thick shock absorb- ing lining which protects the instrument against rough handling. Bameg for each operating mode and switch position, a signal with the ap- propriate sine or square waveform, frequency, amplitude, risetime and duty cycle is required.

Fully matched X-Y operation is available, also the channels can be Added or Subtracted. The controls for the timebase and trigger selection are contained in the right-hand section.