An absorbing drama about what happens when one of the popular girls becomes the target of her former friends’ bullying. Summary Everyone knows that Chelsea Knot can’t keep a secret, until now. Because the last secret she shared turned her into a social. When Chelsea gets bullied for speaking out against some violent teens, she decides to take a vow of silence. Kidzworld reviews a book about bullying at its.

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Spending lunch in the library. All of whom felt like real characters despite their limited appearance in the book.

Speechless : Hannah Harrington :

So she’s ostracized and put into a position where no one likes her at school or are at least cautious about her in the community. August 28, Sold by: We do see her struggles when she’s being verbally attacked, her not being able to defend herself or retaliate is undoubtedly frustrating, but I was expecting to have a stronger sense of the difficulties of this utter silence at all times.

Just imagine how much better a single day would be if people thought about what they were saying before they blurted a nasty comment. She’s your basic mean-girl.

It was Harrington’s almost painfully realistic portrayal of Chelsea’s struggle for self-discovery which truly made Speechless beautiful. Yes, Chelsea is a dangerously flawed and unlikable character, but that is exactly why I love Harrington so much — she has a talent of taking seemingly terrible people and showing us their more vulnerable, better, and kinder side.

Before she can give him her heart, she wants to be hartington sure she’s a girl worth being loved and who can give as much honesty and love in return without hurting anyone in the process. One of the best reads in YA I’ve read this year.

The Eternity Cure Julie Kagawa.


Book Review: Speechless by Hannah Harrington

She hannay her and communicates other ways with her. Now, the secondary characters. Caught between wanting to keep cool and doing the right thing, Chelsea unexpectedly grows a conscience, dubbing her a rat and a backstabber. It took her a while to realize what a horrible human being she had been, and how what she had done to please Kristen had a harrrington effect in causing harm to others.

How did I spend so much of high school not noticing him at all? So back to this book, it’s different in how it was executed to how the protagonist hqnnah things in. Please try speehcless later. A compelling novel Harlequin Teen. Chelsea Knot is one of those people. Asher and Andy are both pretty hilarious and Sam is just downright sweet.

This book explores the repercussions of high school rumours and the problem of bullying, but it still manages to do so in a lighter tone than other novels in the genre I have read. Maybe some bridges are better left burned.

And like every kid, Hannah’s character has to learn to not care so much what other people think of her and learn to trust her own self. Carrie Pilby Caren Lissner.

: Speechless eBook: Hannah Harrington: Kindle Store

Other novels are clearly made of better stuff though less able to hold the simpler demographic. At the beginning, I detested her character – so fake, so ‘foundation, lipgloss and Pradas’.

Read the full review post on my blog, http: Still, I couldn’t help but love the guys xpeechless took Chelsea in and helped her through the hard times she was getting at school.

She wasn’t quite as well-developed as the other characters all we get is that her mother is ill and her father’s away a lotbut I was definitely rooting for her, and I even got quite angry when those popular girls pick on her because she’s hanging out with Chelsea. She receives unexpected sympathy from a group of students who help her forgive herself and find out who she really wants to be.


She is upset, but she decides she is taking a vow of silence. That was until it caused a terrible and heavy consequences and she vowed to never speak again. Speechless surprised me in many ways.

Instead it moves you by facing a person’s capacity to be cruel just because they can and another’s capacity to forgive just because they can. Other books in this series. I also wish some of the side characters had been fleshed out a little more. I don’t know hannsh I loved her but I must say that her PoV was refreshing. But there’s strength gannah silence, and in the new friends who are, shockingly, coming her way—people she never noticed before; a boy she might even fall for. Kristen, on the other hand, I was glad not to have had more out of.

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Faced with finding a new way of life, new friends and a new Chelsea — Speechless shows her journey as she does all three. I was that engrossed. Had a great moral to the story and kept me entertained. The end of the novel has a wonderfully triumphant tone to it. I hope that every person reads this would learn a lesson. She has a beautiful way of pulling you in and reaching out to harington, so each word just plays with your emotions.

I started out not really liking Chelsea, but I think that was the whole point. I did not understand how the heck these kids could seriously think it was wrong to turn in someone who put another student in the hospital?!!?!?