HANYONGnux Digital temperature controller MX9-F Selection of RAMP Multi inputs Leader in auto control and measurement World Leader HANYOUNG With. Establishment of SHANGHAI HANYOUNG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD in CHINA. .. MX9-V. MX2-V. – V a.c, 50 – 60 Hz (voltage fluctuation rate: 10 %). We appreciate you for purchasing HanYoung NUX Co.,Ltd product. Before using the product you have purchased, check to make sure that it is exactly what you.

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Disclaimer Honeywell International Inc. The information in this publication does not represent a commitment on the part of HII.

The keypad is available in a key or key configuration. The key keypad is also available in an IBM configuration. Bar code reader options are: Do not stare directly into the laser beam. Do not remove the laser caution labels from the MX9. Do not connect the laser bar code aperture to any other device. The laser bar code aperture is certified for use with the MX9 only. Scanner status LED 7. The above list is the same on the 38 key MX9.

Special keys are listed below.

Special Purpose Keys 1. Cursor up and down Keys 3. Diamond 1 key 4.

Automation | อุปกรณ์ Linear Motion ทุกชนิด

Escape [ESC] key 6. Control [CTL] key Special Purpose Keys – 38 Key 1. Diamond 1 key 2. Tab Space Backspace keys 4. Diamond 2 key 5. Escape [ESC] key 7. Control [CTRL] key 9. Trigger Handle Trigger handle attach points 1.

Tether attach point Stylus storage bay in trigger handle base Attach – Upper Handstrap Base 2. Attach – Lower Handstrap Base 1. Handstrap connector, upper 2. Stylus holder on Handstrap 3. Label Locations Device with Summit radio 1. Laser Warning Label 2. Product Identification Label 4. Java Label if installed 5. Windows OS License Label 6.

Tamper Proof Label The tamper-proof label covers the top right screw in the battery bay. The label states “Warranty void if removed or damaged”. More instruction for each step is listed later in this guide. An MX9 will retain data, while the main battery hnyoung removed and replaced with a fully charged main battery, for 5 minutes.

Push down on the battery pack until it clicks into place. Place the tethered plastic locking tab over the battery latch, matching up the screw holes in the MX9 and the screw holes in the tethered plastic locking tab. New batteries must be fully charged prior to use. The main battery can be recharged in an AC powered Battery Charger after the battery has been removed from the MX9 or its packing material when new.


System Status LED indicates power management status. Tapping the Touch Screen with a Stylus Note: Always use the point of the stylus for tapping or making strokes on the touch screen. Hold the stylus as if it were a pen or pencil. Touch an element on the hanyoun with the tip of the stylus then remove the stylus from the screen.

The GrabTime utility can be configured to synchronize the time with a local server during each reboot function. System Idle timer has expired. As the volume scrollbar is moved between Loud and Soft, the MX9 emits a tone each time the volume increases or decreases. The MX9 is inserted upside-down in the holster with the touch screen facing the belt connecting the holster to the body. Holster with Handle The MX9 is inserted upside-down in the holster with the touch screen facing the belt connecting the holster to the body.

Guide the hanyoyng trigger handle into the trigger handle notch. Carrycase Remove the handstrap components from the MX9. Open the zippered case until there habyoung enough space to insert the MX9 into the case. The touch screen must face forward so it, and the keypad, are visible through the windows in the carrycase. Place the cursor in the text entry field and, using the stylus: Tap the Shift key to type one capital letter.

Tap the CAPS key to type all capital letters. To connect Bluetooth devices, the MX9 should be as close as possible and in direct line of sight distances up to Setup Terminal Emulation Parameters Before you make a host connection, you will, at a minimum, need to know: Click the switchpad icon in the taskbar. A checkmark on the switchpad menu indicates applications currently active or available hahyoung Launching by the MX9 user.

When Keyboard, on the Switchpad Menu, is selected, the default input method Input Panel, Transcriber, or custom input method is activated.


MX9 user-set parameters are unchanged. M9x expansion slots in the MX9 are accessible via the hatch. The hatch can be opened using a standard size screwdriver.

When the hatch is opened, the MX9 automatically shuts down. It is good practice to save any changes then perform an orderly shutdown to preserve RAM contents before opening the hatch. Insert the screws supplied into each of the four holes and fasten the base securely. Slide the handstrap bottom clip pins into the slots at the base of the MX9 and pull the strap towards the top of the MX9 until the top clip slips into the groove.


Either the trigger handle or the handstrap is attached, not both. Honeywell recommends that, in the absence of a trigger handle, the handstrap be used at all times. The headset consists of an earpiece, a microphone, a clothing clip and a cable. The headset attaches to the audio cable end of the voice cable which attaches to the MX9.

Align the audio connector and hnyoung headset quick connect cable end. Firmly push the cable ends together until they click and lock in place. These instructions are for components made of glass. If there is a removable protective film sheet on the display, remove the film sheet before cleaning the hnayoung.

Keep fingers and rough or sharp objects away from the bar code reader scanning aperture and the mobile device touch screen. Technical Assistance if you need more help. AppLock user mode adjust the volume. Touch screen is not accepting See Also: LED on the power adapter illuminates green. The click means the connector is seated firmly. Specifications for Electrical Supply Connect Vehicle Electrical Connection 1. The vehicle cradle must be empty. Begin by connecting the power cable to the MX9’s vehicle cradle.

Route the cable from the cradle to the DC to DC converter.

Wire colors depend on the type of device attached. Please refer to this illustration for wire colors.

Honeywell MX9 User Manual

Use the looms and wire ties to secure all wiring as shown above, then reattach the cover with the screws. This fused circuit requires a ten Amp maximum time delay slow blow high interrupting rating fuse. Connecting the Power Cable to the Vehicle 1. Vehicle Electrical System 2. Correct electrical polarity is mxx9 for safe and proper installation. The cradle will not power on or function if the cable is connected with the polarity reversed.

Provide mechanical support for the cable by securing it to the vehicle structure at approximately one foot intervals, taking care not to over tighten and pinch conductors or penetrate outer cable jacket.