Mitsubishi HC projector specs, projector reviews and current street prices. Mitsubishi HC Review HIGHLY RECOMMENDED User Manual. The best in true p ( x ) home theatre projectors just keeps getting better. Our HC(BL) LCD projector brings you more performance than ever. HumidiClean Series HC offers native MODBUS .. Note: For all Series HC- units: Please contact factory for duct Manual Stop for quick shut down.

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If these problem persist, turn the projector off and consult your dealer.

Troubleshooting, En | MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC HC User Manual | Page 40 / 47

Important safeguards Please read all these instructions regarding your Power sources projector and retain them for future reference. Unplug the power cord. However, some video signals may not be projected, depending on the type of the computer. Refer to the Installation with Water Softener mnaual for details.

If the symptom persists, stop using the projector, be sure to unplug the power plug, and then contact your dealer. Screen Size And Projection Distance Setting up your projector continued Screen size and projection distance Refer to the following table to determine the screen size.


Got it, continue to print. Batteries may explode if misused. When an extension cable is being used, replace it with the supplied cable for check. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Before asking for repair of the projector, check the following.

Troubleshooting, En-40 – MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC HC6000 User Manual

Indicators This projector has two indicators, each of which shows the operation condition of the projector. Note that the alarms can be disabled by following the steps below: Replacing the lamp This projector is equipped with mankal lamp to project images.

The lamp is at the end of its life. EN-6 2 3 Checking accessories The following accessories are provided with this projector.

Mitsubishi Electric HC Manuals

Attach h6c000 lamp cover on the bottom. Advanced Features Advanced features Password function To cancel the password function: Pull out the lamp box by the handle while holding the projector. Menu operation continued 2. You can select a preset gamma mode using the menu. Used for projector control by computer. Blinking orange If any objects are blocking the air inlet or outlet grille, remove them.

Replace the lamp in this case. Trigger Terminal Setting up your projector continued Important: This is not a malfunction.

Replacing the lamp continued To replace the lamp: Following the sequence below, the operation is as follows: This makes the Hi-Lo Pump Switch many times more reliable than float switches and, because it’s electronic, it has features that just aren’t available in mechanical switches, such as the alarms that are described below. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Whether replacing a switch that has already failed or just being pro-active and avoiding the damage that will be done when the switch finally does fail, installing a Model HC Hi-Lo Pump Switch just makes sense to prevent basement water damage.


Unplug control module from VAC outlet.

And, unlike traditional float switches, the Hydro Check Hi-Lo Pump Switch has no moving parts that can seize up kanual get wedged between the pump and the wall of the pit and prevent the pump from running, or cause it to run continuously and burn out See ” Why Pumps Fail “.

When the water reaches the upper sensor, the pump is turned on 4. Connect the other end of the video cable to the video output terminal of the video equipment.