i-gotU Travel Logger(GT / GT). Product Installation. Q1: How to install the i-gotU Travel Logger (how to connect with the PC)? Q2: How to check whether. i-gotU GT – 1. On this page you find the i-gotU GT manual. Please read the instructions in this operator manual carefully before using the product. Are you looking for the the instruction manual of the i-gotU GT? View the user manual of this product directly and completely free.

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Activity Calendar Page 39 Page: Start A Trip by Launching trip [ Delete selected track s by clicking the icon or right-clicking any of the listed tracks. Use the slider bar in the middle to adjust the time to desired.

Downloads | GT – Owner’s Manual | KORG (USA)

Click to refresh and reload the map displayed at gtu right half of the mnual window. GPS Logger will then start logging based on the tracking interval configured in hardware settings. Update to trip PC: The device is connected to power sources, such as car charger or computer USB port.


Export selected track s to a GPX file by clicking the icon or right-clicking any of the listed tracks. Built-in m Ah Lithium -ion. Enter a photo title and its brief description. Photos added to the trip without matching any track are presented in the lower window of this folder.

The selected activity can be deleted. Get acquainted with the information concerning the manual for i-gotU GT, which will help you to avoid troubles in the future. Drag and move the and axises to highlight a section of the activity. Let Sports Analyzer do all the hard work for you! When compared to the data we ripped from the I-gotu, the range was from 5 m to 44 m.

Export selected track s to a CSV file by clicking the icon or right-clicking any of the listed tracks.

Click to select all the trip contents from trip server, and click Apply to replace the trip contents in trip PC. Click Add to add photos to the m ap of your trip.

i-gotU GT-120

To set a landmark: Is there any solution for the i-gotU battery which can not be replaced? Set the selected waypoint as a landmark.


Where I Am Where am I? A sub-folder will be created under the selected folder. Once it is added, it’ll appear in the upper window. The selected track will be deleted. Button control is available on GPS Logger if enabled.

How to judge the LED indicators of i-gotU device quickly? Click to set up a Runner image to play the track animation on the map.

Click to import track s. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge your GPS Logger for the first time. Click to import photo s. Time with Server to obtain the correct time from server. To avoid unexpected security loophole, landmarks configured with embedded code will not be displayed on trip Service at this moment.

Map options will not be available for selection if your device is not correctly connected [ The selected activity can be exported to a CSV file.