The traditional way to study the immunology of pregnancy follows the classical transplantation model, which views the fetus as an allograft. A more recent. A new way to view the immunology of pregnancy is discussed, which takes into account the differing placental strategies used by eutherian mammals. Moffett, A. and Loke, C. () Immunology of Placentation in Eutherian Mammals. Nature, 6,

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Natural killer cell tolerance licensing and other mechanisms. The Ontogeny of Investigating Primate Ontogeny.

Immunology of placentation in eutherian mammals.

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Regulatory T cells mediate maternal tolerance to the fetus nature immunology [IF: The use and misuse of animal analog models of human pregnancy disorders. The immunological paradox of pregnancy: Natural selection on marine carnivores elaborated a diverse family of classical MHC class I genes exhibiting haplotypic gene content variation and allelic polymorphism John A. From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper. Herbert Juch 8 Estimated H-index: Interstitial trophoblast invasion in the decidua and mesometrial triangle during the last third of pregnancy in the rat.


Altmetric – Immunology of placentation in eutherian mammals

Are you looking for Why some human pregnancies fail might depend on the degree of invasion of the uterus by placental trophoblast cells. Involvement of oxidative stress and implications in human evolution. Katrina Morris 9 Estimated H-index: Cancer Immunology of Transmissible Cancers.

Baker 6 Estimated H-index: Placentation Search for additional papers on this topic. Efficient leukocyte Ig-like receptor signaling and crystal structure of disulfide-linked HLA-G dimer.

Cited 65 Source Add To Collection. Evolution of the mammalian placenta revealed by phylogenetic analysis.

Immunology of placentation in eutherian mammals – Semantic Scholar

HammondLisbeth A. A more recent approach, which is the subject of this Review, focuses on the unique, local uterine immune response to the implanting placenta. Ashley Moffett University of CambridgeY. Loke University of Cambridge.

Marie-Louise van der Hoorn 4 Estimated H-index: View in Source Cite this paper. YoungDan L. Varuna AluvihareMarinos Kallikourdis. This paper has highly influenced 18 other papers. Evolutionary transformations of fetal membrane characters in Eutheria with special reference to Afrotheria.


Immunology of placentation in eutherian mammals

The role of the invasive, placental trophoblast in human pregnancy. References Publications referenced by this paper. A new way to view the immunology of pregnancy is discussed, which takes into account the differing placental strategies used by eutherian mammals. Citations Publications citing this paper. Evidence for expression of both classical and non-classical major histocompatibility complex class I genes in bovine trophoblast cells.

Topics Discussed in This Paper. Expression imnunology MHC antigens on murine trophoblast and their modulation by interferon. Uterine molecular placenyation for non-invasive embryonic attachment in the marsupials Macropus eugenii Macropodidae and Trichosurus vulpecula Phalangeridae. Ramsey 13 Estimated H-index: