In Arabian Nights: A Caravan of Moroccan Dreams [Tahir Shah] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Named one of Time magazine’s Ten Best. Named one of Time magazine’s Ten Best Books of the Year, Tahir Shah’s The Caliph’s House was hailed by critics and compared to such. Tahir Shah, who has described his exotic adventures in Peru, India and The interlaced stories of the Arabian Nights serve as a model for.

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So, now of course, I would like to add Morocco to one of the places to see before I die, despite the many negative things I have h It took me a while to get through this book because it was so rich on so many levels.

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After eyeing a beautiful leatherbound version of The Arabian Nights by Richard Francis Burton, I had wandered over to the travel books trying to make up my mind about whether to purchase the massive book of tales.

I particularly admire the storytelling, although this seems to be under attack via Egyptian television.

He makes it look easy. Please try again later. The Backbone of England by Andrew Bibby Francis Lincoln Review The Pennine moors are famed and prized as an expanse of wild emptiness in an increasingly cluttered and overcrowded country.

Above all this book is a homage to Shah’s father, carrying forward the Sufi tales which have been fastened to their family for generations. Events at home are interwoven with Shah’s journeys across Moroccoand he sees how the Kingdom of Morocco has a substratum of oral tradition that is almost unchanged in a thousand years, a culture in which tales, as well as entertaining, are a matrix through which tahhir, ideas yahir information are transmitted.

A link in the chain of scholars and teachers who have passed these stories down for centuries like a baton in a relay race, Shah reaches layers of culture that most visitors hardly realize exist, and eventually discovers the story living in his own heart. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Shah’s combination of innocence with a can-do attitude is particularly charming.


Quotes from In Arabian Nights Lovely reading before going to Morocco. This criticism gets a tad exhausting as Shah fails to realize that the Oriental culture also has its share of serious flaws.

In Arabian Nights: A Caravan of Moroccan Dreams by Tahir Shah

I also think Shah must shaah a very good writer, because I don’t think about the writing while I’m reading his books. All that being said, he travels around Morocco a lot more in this book than in his first book and I did enjoy the descriptions of all he sees. The monarch, who was a wise man, smiled. Teeming with sorcerers, enchanted animals, jinnsand dervishes…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This is how In Arabian Nights: Shah relates the story of his adventures, and the lessons learnt.

Yeah, I think Morocco has different, more serious gender issues than dudes who hang out at a cafe all day because if they go home their wives might ask for help with the laundry. Interesting, delicate, rich, full of knowledge. The focus ij flow of this novel was very haphazard and painful to follow. He throws open his house – much to the distress of his supremely tolerant wife Rachana – for epic, all-night literary sagas.

Which weird laws of the world do you know? Published February 11th by Bantam Books first published January nihgts Shunning well-trodden tourist paths, he avoids celebrated landmarks, preferring instead to position himself on a busy street corner or in a dust Tahir Shah is the author wrabian fifteen books, many of which chronicle a wide range of outlandish journeys through Africa, Asia and the Americas.

This makes it sound disjointed, but it reads as smooth transitions, and the overall narrative flows well. Moroccofolklorestorytelling. My new favorite book! tanir


Like a secret door leading to a hidden garden, the words “once upon a time” opened on to an inner, parallel world. Jun 22, Asha Seth rated it did not like it Shelves: He rarely, if ever, acknowledges that the Morocco he sees is only half of Morocco.


Essentially, the primary plotline of the book is the author looking for ‘the story inside himself’, and along nkghts way to stimulate the oral tradition of storytelling. Great traveling companion on a visit to Morocco!

Travel books

In Arabian Nights is his finest work to date, and earns him a place beside his father as a gifted storyteller. If you’ve visited Morocco or plan to I have to tell you Tahir Sh I rarely take the time to write a review for the books I read much to the dismay of my fellow prolific review giving goodreads friends however here’s one book that motivated me to say something about it.

Using A Thousand and One Nights Alf Layla wa Layla as a foil for creative storytelling the author peers into the underbelly of mythic tradition replete throughout Middle Eastern story tradition.

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. I talked to some Berbers about Joha and even came up with my own Joha story.

Sifting through the layers o Tahir Shah has much to teach us. A serious and thorough study, it is particularly good on the problems facing the region, and makes a strong case for protecting the upland peat bogs.

Shha from ” https: He leaves his family, travels on trains and buses for days, encounters humble Moroccan hospitality and a sand surfer from Iowa. The focus and flow of this novel was very haph While the author’s first aragian “The Caliph’s House” transported me on a magic carpet ride through the vibrants sights and sounds of Morocco, “In Arabian Nights” was bit of a disappointment.

The cobbler took off his glasses, fumbled in a drawer, and fished for another pair.