Inspiration and Incarnation has ratings and 96 reviews. Adam said: To my great surprise, I found myself liking this book very much. Peter Enns was th. John Frame has just posted on his web page a word review of Peter Enns’s Inspiration and Incarnation. I always enjoy reading Frame’s. This study from Peter Enns is an important reconsideration of evangelical perspectives on scriptural authority, particularly in light of recent Old Testament.

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Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament

After briefly stating the purpose of the book in chapter 1, Enns begins chapter 2 with collating various ANE parallels which he later groups into three groups of texts: The one accents the human marks and makes them absolute. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. He also argues that interpretation of the Bible should have more of a community-oriented sense then individual which may fly in the face of our western knspiration. I think it is helpful not only to read this book, but also the reviews and critiques that followed, particularly G.

I saw it happen by the dozen–and that’s a conservative number–at Louisiana College. Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament.

Review: Inspiration and Incarnation by Peter Enns | Koowon Kim –

To put the point mildly, this is somewhat irresponsible. The bulk of what he says is entirely unobjectionable.


Skip to main content. T points to and lays the groundwork for Christ, then we should honor and accept it as it is. He inspiratiln as anybody else, but he was raised from death and no one else.

Inspiration and Incarnation : Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament

He draws out two features of inter-biblical interpretation: To ask other readers questions about Inspiration and Incarnationplease sign up. Why introduce the idea that God is willing to have his law adjusted over time and not just recognize that there are different expressions of law?

Waltke of Regent College and Reformed Theological Seminary gives one of the blurbs on the back cover.

May 21, Ethan rated it really liked it. Enns’ model – of incarnation – may not be a lasting idea. Does it not just reflect the ancient world in which it incarnstion produced? The very idea of objective evidence on which the Church’s conviction that Scripture is the Word of God is based vanishes into thin air. There was a divine concursus in the adaptation to human finitude not error in what God said and what Jesus said.

This is manifested in several things he said. Interacting With Central Issues Now that we have set forth many incarnatioj the areas of agreement and disagreement with Professor Enns, we will interact with several issues relating to the nature and understanding of Scripture.

View all 3 comments. Diverse elements in the Bible, then, do not constitute contradictions, strictly speaking. All of this matched up very nicely with my own thinking on these topics. Enns also spends much time noting the differences between Kings and Chronicles, of which I assume many Evangelicals are familiar. Enns’s “incarnational” framework is a creative way to resolve some of the tension inherent in the first two issues.


As a matter of fact, it should be called neo-Barthian. My initial knowledge of it came through a somewhat abrasively hostile review in New Horizons the Orthodox Presbyterian Incwrnation magazine last year, which I am surprised was published in that form.

Is the Bible unique? It makes sense that a loving God can give the Children of Israel laws, sacrificial ordinances, and foundational stories that make sense to them within their cultural, temporal, and geological coordinates. Of course, the net effect of ad hominem phrases like these is to build a protective wall around his admittedly minority and clearly unorthodox views. Inspirwtion this starting point, he raises a vital question for readers of the Bible to wrestle with. Any one interested in the topic will not be disappointed.

Although I was more critical of certain chapters chapters 2,3I did find the book overall to be helpful. Because this incompleteness is clearly upheld by Scripture it is much less unsettling, indeed not unsettling at all, but rather to be expected.