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Paradoxically, what began as a source of renovation in creation theology finished in a certain sense as a source of forgetting about creation itself, in favor of an anthropological concentration that solidified in the 70s. Within a process of maturation and theological reflection, this fragmentation has been overcome through a growing use of the Christological key that has been taken by certain authors as their principal point of antropologiw, particularly in Italian theology Colombo, Colzani, Gozzelino, Bordoni.

Libreria Editrice Fiorentina, ; W.

Ladaria, Luis F. [WorldCat Identities]

The Anthropological Key Anthropology is one of the first areas in which the formula regarding creation and covenant has had a strong resonance. Antroppologia, this need not lead to the sacralization of nature that is present in certain q forms of ecolo- gism, which try to recover a vague, mystic pantheism with Gnostic over- tones—something that has had a certain influence in some of Catholic thought in the last few decades. Edusc,— Given that this decision File link: Man is a creature called to divine filiation; the original unity of our being in the diversity of its aspects corresponds to the unity of the salvific design cf.

This is necessary in order to avoid that reductionism of the divine plan of creation and salvation that does not account for some of its essen- tial elements.

Jesus Christ, salvation of all by Luis F Ladaria Book 8 editions published between and in Spanish and English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Assegnazione dei Titoli, Luciani Rivero, El misterio de la diferencia.

No, she brings man into contact with God and thus with the untroduccion of all things. In this way various authors have proposed a theological anthropology in which the notion of the human creature and his creation are constitutionally open to the invitation of a covenant with God Rahner; Muschalek and Kern in Mysterium Salutis; Ladaria.

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Creation and Covenant through a more decided assumption of Christocentrism. John Knox Press, orig. Schoonenberg, Covenant and Creation London: The answer has to be: Zenger, Als Anfang schuf Gott: His episcopal consecration took place on 26 July Creation and Covenant to say, creation can be seen as covenant at the same time that covenant can also be considered as new creation.

For a synthesis, cf. Sal Terrae, ; and M. With an analogous motivation, Ladaria maintains that to define our relation to God and consequently our being as creature is insufficient. Fortress Press,—3 and — Our Congregation always moves with discretion and speaks exclusively through its acts. Ladaria Ferrer became teologicq of dogmatic theology and the history of dogma at the Comillas Pontifical University. Within this perspective, whose objective is none other than to better understand our being in Christ, the distinc- tion between the natural and the supernatural is maintained without any risk of juxtaposing the two planes of existence.

General Ladara of the International Theological Commission — EDUSC,— Quasten—this encounter has instead manifested itself as a Christianization of Hellenism: Jahrhundert, Band III, ed. Within this perspective, the sought after, unified vision of man before God is truly made possible by the God-made-man, Christ, in whom the Creator has mysteriously united Himself to all of creation. In any case, with this perspective another partial aspect of our relation has been illuminated: A Theology of History New York: Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer arcivescovo cattolico spagnolo.

Creation and Covenant to react against certain theological perspectives that had removed the person from the framework of nature so as to affirm that human life is simply history, and to do so by proposing a correct recovery of a contem- plative attitude before the world.

Retrieved 28 May In the divine plan, man and the world receive the fullness of truth and meaning only in Christ. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Continuity exists because both indicate precisely a participation in the transcendental order of being; discontinuity is found in the fact that the polarity ad extra—ad intra must necessarily be maintained if one wants to respect the grandeur of the mystery of our being created in order to be deified. This was the case with the anthro- pological and cosmological keys; the Christological key seemed introcuccion conflict with these two; and finally the eschatological key seemed to clash with the Christological.


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Nevertheless, one can detect in the authors of the Christologi- cal key the identification of the theology of creation with the theology of the covenant, even to the point of defining the creation as a covenant in Christ.

Creation and Covenant von Rad concludes that the faith of the chosen people in God the Creator developed only as their knowledge of God the Savior deepened. The covenant as participation in the life of God is realized prima- rily in the human creature in virtue of his spiritual nature that makes him capax Dei; and secondly, in an analogous way, in the material creation.

The introduction of the eschatological key within an understanding of the binomial creation-covenant, tends to accent a dimension of discontinu- ity with respect to history, making explicit the nexus between protology and eschatology, between creation and consummation. Only because creation belongs to God can we place ourselves completely in his hands. In both cases there exists a clear biblical foundation.

La Trinidad by Hilary Book 10 editions published in in 3 languages and held by 39 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Spaemann and others Weinheim: John Paul II developed these teachings in several general audi- ences in the context of his catechesis on the Creed, from January 8 to April 23, ; the English version of these audiences has been published in God Father and Creator: Holy See Press Office.

He continued to be general secretary of the International Theological Commission [4] until 22 Aprilwhen he resigned and was succeeded by Charles MorerodO. L’Osservatore Romano in Italian. Nevertheless, one does not find works that seek to synthesize the principal theological motivations that have guided the understanding of this theme for the authors who have most systematically studied it.