The Children Of Mu has ratings and 5 reviews. Elif said: Kayıp Kıta Mu kitabında da olduğu gibi bu kitapta da daha çok fantastik düşünce yoğunluktayd. It was made in either Mu or in the Uighur Capital City over 20, years ago. THE CHILDREN OF MU BY JAMES CHURCHWARD AUTHOR OF “the lost. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only.

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To fill up the immense hole in the Atlantic Churcbward caused by the sinking of At- lantis, all surrounding waters were drawn in until a level was found.

Zulu legend tells of the tribes fleeing N. Much light has been thrown on this great and im- portant land of past history by the indefatigable work of Schliemann, to whom is due the honor for finally clinching the fact that Atlantis did once exist.

Volcanic Conditions of Mexico and Surround- ings. There are many legends relating to her advent but they are all symbolic. Whether they had any or not I cannot say.

On this head is a crown containing 7 rays, the numeral symbol of Creation. All the rocky islands, indi- vidually and in groups, scattered over the Pacific Ocean were once part of the continent of Mu. Explanations that include a sunken continent should be acceptable jamez they are the only ones that work! The Inca Empire commenced between A.


Anomaly Archives

The vernal point coincided with the center of Leo occurring 11, years ago from the famous Zodiac of Dendera, copied from far older versions. Books and writings of the ancient Egyptians. Churchward, in Children of Mudescribes the Cortesianus now in the National Museum of Madrid as “an old Mayan book, written 5, years ago from temple records, which are now in an underground cave in Yucatan.

The brown-skinned savages who occupy this region the Matto Grosso today call all whites Caraibas. Various cities are shown, some with names, some without.

At the time these belts were forming every thrust of the gases xhildren forging sent in a cataclysmic wave over the land. At Niscute, Mexico and elsewhere are to be seen many of their stone remains. He certainly ties it together nicely. Churchward and the lost island of Mu also appear in Philip K.

The Children of Mu: James Churchward: : Books

Ali rated it did not like it May 27, tue It is absurd, says Churchward, to imagine a glacier with a How long afterwards it emerged again is not known but from the character chjldren the rock, if we may judge from that, it could not have been very long under water, comparatively speaking.

See other works by this author available from Kessinger Publishing. This book combined with others dealing in very ancient history support each other in many interesting ways. The Key of Universal Movement Conquering and annexing countries with intermarriages following is another.


Ethi- opia, and he himself became known as the Ethiopian. Herodotus claimed to be a Carian. So the soul of man possessing Cosmic Forces was appropriately added od the list of gods.

Mu (lost continent)

One of the causes which has led to the changing of the ancient types and races to the modern ones has been inter- marriage. Arthur Holmes from University of Durham. The Mysterious Writing consisted of either six small circles or six small disks, placed so as to form a triangle or a pyramid or a keystone.

Remains of extremely ancient people are found from Alaska to Cape Horn. In these writings they were taught and shown that it was the combined action of two forces that created. Figure 2, Tablet No.

Children of Mu | Anomaly Archives

Personally, I believe that when the gases were exhausted and the sides fell to- gether to seal it, the seal was loosely packed. Uuc to create, and 8. The people becoming crowded began to spread out. The Great Central Gas Belt. Apr 20, Nama’Dejigas rated it it was amazing Shelves: In the Sacred Writings we find the same phenomenon expressed in chilren language.